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Default Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

- a PC1X1 project -


Computing in general has been a hobby ever since I was young. I started back in Dos/Windows95 era at the tender age of 8 years old. Since then I have always been trying to evolve and exceed my previous work. Computing to me is a journey, so I am not worried about the end result. This build has been in the making for a little while now. I figured it was about time to see how far I can currently go. The computer is named after Sestren, the main computer/entity in the Panzer Dragoon Universe.


Performance and Elegance, and Pioneering the World's First Outside Mounted Triple Radiator Cube!

Phase 1: Computer Case Modifications, pre-planning, and 70% parts acquisition. [Complete]
Phase 2: Computer Case painting and assembly, test run on previous hardware [In Progress]
Phase 3: Rebuild with next generation hardware, ala i7 etc.
Phase 4: Multi-monitor Display Expansion to Hex Monitors

Parts List:

-Sestren’s Core-
  • Optical Removable Media:
[1] Pioneer DVD-RW
  • Solid State Removable Media:
[1] Koutech Floppy/Media Reader
  • Processor:
[1] TBA
  • Motherboard:
[1] TBA
  • Solid State Drives:
[4] TBA Raid 0
[4] Icy Dock 2.5 to 3.5
  • Hardrives:
[1] 1 TB External Hardrive
[1] 250 GB External Hardrive
[2] 300 GB Velociraptor Hardrives Raid 0
[2] 640 GB Internal Hardrives Raid 0
[1] 1 TB Internal Hardrive
[1] 500 GB Internal Hardrive
  • Raid Controller:
[1] Areca 1680IX Raid Controller
  • Hot Swappable 3.5 Drive Bays:
[2] Athena Power Backplane
  • Memory:
[2] TBA 12 gigs of DDR3 Ram
  • Monitors:
[6] Dell 3007WFP-HC 30in Monitor
  • Monitor Stand:
[1] Custom Hexa Monitor Stand
  • Video Cards:
[2] Multi Card GPU X2 Series
[1] Single Slot GPU
  • Power Supply:
[2] Enermax Revolution85+ 1050w
  • Computer Case:
[1] Lian Li PC-343B
.......Removable Motherboard Tray
.......Side Panel
.......Top Panel
.......Top Radiator Mounting
.......Front Panel
.......Lian Li Black Universal Bezel
  • Cooling:
[3] Swiftech Pumps with Reservoir Tops
[1] Hardware Labs 360mm GTX Radiator
[1] Swiftech 360mm Radiator
[1] Swiftech 240mm Radiator
[2] Swiftech Rad Boxes
[1] GTZ CPU Waterblock
[2] TBA GPU Waterblocks
[1] TBA Single Slot GPU Waterblock
[60 Ft] Clear 7/16” ID (5/8” OD) Tubing
[3] Petra's Gel Stuff
[4] Smart Coils
[1] Kama Bay
[X] Various Fittings, Rotaries, Clamps, Multi Card Water Links
[X] Heatsinks
  • Fan Controllers:
[4] Zalman Black Fan Controllers
[1] Lian Li Black Fan Controller
  • Fans:
[12] 120mm Yate-Loons Fans
[6] 120mm Scythe Ultra-Kazes
[2] 120mm Enermax Magma Fans
[3] 80mm Coolermaster Riffle Fans
[2] 80mm Silverstone Fans
  • Fan Grills:
[4] 360mm Black Steampunk Fan Grills
[2] 240mm Black Steampunk Fan Grills
[4] 120mm Black Gears Grill
[7] 80mm Black Gears Grill
  • HTPC/Visual Display Units:
[1] Antec Multi Station Premier Pro
  • Cables:
[1] Rounded Red Floppy Cable
[1] Sata Cable
[3] 4x Sata Octopus Cables
[X] 4 Pin Molex Extensions
[X] 3 Pin Fan Extensions
  • Cable Organizers and Accessories:
[X] Small Wire Management Clips
[X] Red/Black Male-Female Connectors
[X] Red/Black 3 Pin Fan Connectors
[X] Red/Black Various Wire Loops
[X] Blue/Black Velcro Ties
[X] Zip Ties
[X] Zip Ties with Adhesive Base
  • Lighting and Misc:
[500 Ft] Sleeving/Heatshrink
[1] MNPCTech T-shirt
[1] 360mm Radiator Cut Out
[1] 240mm Radiator Cut Out
[X] Radiator Mounting Screws
[1] Roll of Pseudo Carbon Fiber
[1] Scotch Clear Mounting Tape
[X] Dremel Discs
[X] C-Molding Black
[1] Logisys 12v Relay
[2] 15in White CCFL
[1] Bubble Blue CCFL
[X] Velcro Strips
[2] 7-Port Hubs
[2] UPS 850 Watts
  • Operating System:
[1] Windows 7 Ultimate x64
* Must keep HT
* Target 4.0 ghz on all 4 cores
* Temperatures under 50'C Idle
* Ram @ 1600 mhz

Front Bay Configuration:

1. Pioneer DVD-RW.................... 10. Koutech Floppy/Media Reader
2. Zalman Fan Controller............. 11. Zalman Fan Controller
3. Athena Bay........................... 12. Athena Bay
4. "" ....................................... 13. ""
5. "" ....................................... 14. ""
6. Kama Bay ............................ 15. Antec Premier
7. "" ....................................... 16. ""
8. "" ....................................... 17. Lian Li TR-5B
9. Zalman Fan Controller ............ 18. Zalman Fan Controller

Slot Array: (Subject to change, due to motherboard availability)
[1. PCIE 1x
[2. PCIE 16x - Graphics Card
[3. Blank
[4. PCIE 16x Graphics Card
[5. PCI
[6. PCIE 16x Graphics Card
[7. PCIE Areca Raid

My Nuclear Family, Mom and Dad

Petra's Tech Shop - Petra's Tech Shop Thanks to: Alex Venz, Quoc

Enermax USA - Enermax USA, PC Power Supply Manufacture Thanks to: Wei Yang, Tom

MNPCTECH - PC Case Mods Store & Professional Case Modding Thanks to: Bill Owen


Danny Bui [H]
silent-circuit [H]
enginurd [H]
Zero82z [H]
PradaG [H][XS]

Special Thanks to!
My Parents, for believing in me and helping fund this wonderful project.

My Aunt Marly for driving me around to get the Cube painted.

Built in the USA

Copyright Information:
I am not affiliated nor work with neither this forum, nor any on the sponsors directly in any way. I am an Enthusiast, and thus want to share my passion through this build log. Sponsored, and donated items are courtesy on the sponsors. Logo's and other copyrighted information belongs to each respective owners! My opinion and build is my own. Thanks!

Please feel free to suggest changes, ideas, etc! Criticism welcomed, also feel free to help shape/change the layout etc.


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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

Update 1:

This is the first part, basic building conceptualization and mods.

Shout out to Petra's Tech Shop, for great customer service.

This is a work in progress, and I am on a strict deadline, and thus this is a temporary build. Also due to cost of this build, it will take a while. This is merely phase one. I presume it will be worked on / finished within 3 months. So far theres only one radiator mounted, but more are coming. Work will resume in early May. Please keep in mind theres finger prints, reflections, case wasn't cleaned etc, etc, since I know this is temporary, so it will look much better in the end, I promise .

Current Temperatures are great, OC'ed CPU at 39'C idle, and mid 40's on Load. Radiator with 5x 120 H CFM Fans.

Many more parts, including i7 920, 12 gigs of ram, Geforce 280 GTX's, etc coming at a later date.
This is the front for now. Still pending 2 more Zalman Controllers, an Antec Premier, and a Kama Bay, and another Athena Power Swap Bay. Also note the little mod I made to cover up the gap the Zalman and Athena Power bay, its on the later pictures.

Here's is the beginning of the actual CPU Water Loop, there will be 3 water loops total eventually. I am thinking of modding a second floor in this space and putting more pumps there or perhaps mounting them vertically. When the pumps arrive I will make my decision. The pump has to be a bit forward from the actual bay so theres space for fan controllers in my drive bays. One of the things I was adamant about was keeping all 18 drive bays relatively free. With some form of function, i.e something installed be it a fan controller a drive, etc. One side is all Hardware, other side is all Water. No mix, I want to be as clean as possible.

No UV or Water Addictives except Biocide. Theme is clean.

Above is the first test run to see where possible kinks, if any appeared. Even without Smart Coils flow was really good.

Above is the modded Backside where the radiators tubes go in. They are measured and spaced to match the radiator.

Quick view of the inside, its starting to shape up (This is my current and temporary motherboard)

Radiator is mounted and I am checking for clearance on the wires. One fan has to be removed for wires to fit, otherwise its perfect. They make a shape that I will lock into place eventually.

Where the pump will live, this is prior to being bolted down. And ****!! Is this tough aluminum to drill.

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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

Pump is drilled in and mounted, notice how clean It looks, you can barely see the screw on the underside.

Loop is starting to take shape. Of course will be calibrated and will use some form of hooks to hold it, but even on its own its looking pretty good.

Front side, again theme is elegance and cleanliness, so I only want 2 tubes per loop coming in. No hodgepodge, and even though this is overkill in terms of dissipation, I am not using fancy fittings, etc. No waste on aesthetics, but a bit of waste in the amount of loops, but thats in the name of keeping things seperate and clean. Also for ultimate performance.

Starting to guide the wires.

And the plugging begins.

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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

Sorry for being blurry, this is a LED Bubble light, it simulates ocean currents using light, with the lights off, the back (Where all the water cooling is) shines through the Wire Hole and looks like theres around sloshing around, I dunno I thought it looked pretty cool .

White Cold Cathodes are go.

This is my own creation/idea. To dissipate Heat faster, I have this little mod of 80mm white fans shooting air up.

Two mighty Silverstone 80'smm


Time to start routing, however I changed my mind, and to forgo having to buy a CCFL extension, I simply reversed it and plugged its converter box near it, you will see it in the upcoming pictures.

More wire routing, although these are now sleeved, however I think I sleeved to much because now its harder to fit them, so that may have been a mistake, still working on this part of the project. Also I am terrible at sleeving, if your awesome feel free to come over, I shall buy you a beer.

I made a cool little track of wire organizers so I could tuck and pull the lengths I needed, in a spiral fashion.
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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!


Tada sleeving!

Was running out and in trying to save the planet and being cheap, I only sleeved most of what is visible hehehe.

Sleeving that CCFL, its a 15incher btw.

Final routing for now, made a cage with Modders mesh to protect CCFL cables.

How its shaping up in its current form, This was just a test run, to make sure all components work, and I need the computer for school etc. So I am stopping here for now.
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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

Here's a sideway view. Keep in mind, since I still need to get alot of extensions, alot of things will be routed. Also I think I just may route all my Power cables, through the top of the motherboard. The opening port is to small for everything. It should look better as well.
Anyhow please let me know suggestions, nothing is set in stone, I have no deadline for this build, so feel free to suggest anything . I also made two more holes for all the wires to come through they are on the right of each radiator mount (aka the back 120mm fans), Came out pretty cool. Minor scratches on the back when the drill came off my hand, the **** thing is a pain to drill through, but overall I think its pretty cool.

I am short on time, and Ill format this thread much better later .

Thanks for checking out Phase 1. There will be around 5 phases total.

My only current problems is that its to loud, and I am not sure which fan is causing it, I will look when I have time.

Also this is super strange, but my Smart Coils, just broke off by themselves. I am not sure if they were stored for to long prior to coming to me, but they cracked in lots of pieces simply by touch. Very strange. Heres a pic of whats left XD.

RIP Smart Coils.
Please Feel free to criticize, just keep in mind its a work in progress. I can always use new ideas. Thanks again! This is my first build log, so pardon my newbness at this, Ill work on making it better as I go along.

Computer powers several monitors including my main 30'. More Monitors one day , but thats for another build log
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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

So what does 290 ft of sleeving look like ?

See below .

Had a bit of a hard time making sure it was all correct though as the pictures on MurderMods do not match the description, theres more sleeving in the photos than actually comes with it, or at least looks that way. However it came in as described in text and thanks to Kirk for great customer service for checking with me. Had the poor guy on the phone with me for a while, last time I had him for 37 minutes, this time he ran away at 16 .

Poor Alex from Petra's Tech Shop is also a victim, I had him for 40 minutes before as well, heh!

I am working on getting the parts for the other 2 loops, will keep ya posted!
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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

Originally Posted by lkiller1231 View Post
Nice build! Really looking forward to more progress!
Thanks! A major update is coming in a few days, right now I am working on the logistics for migrating to Windows , so around the 16ish or possibly sooner, I should start working on the cube again.

Meanwhile more parts came in

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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

Here's a small teaser update:
Here's the water cooling stuff, and sleeving tool, inside the green box, is lots of surprisingly expensive crap
Closer looks at the Kazes and their fan grills, and radiators, ok time to unpack this stuff
But first, lets sidetrack into fan sleeving, these Yate Loons, have a unnecessary 4 pin molex attached, time to remove it
Another picture of how I am going to sleeve the wires, I also broke one, which set me back a few bucks to buy replacement tips
Testing fitting, and its starting to look like a computer now. At least this is what you get when you cross a SERVER + HTPC + GAMING PC
This is only the beginning of what I have to organize X_X
Expensive Crap(It really adds up!) The $600 GeForces are cheap, when you factor in cumulative accessories cost!
More Crap
It never ends! At this point I am trying to figure out, how the heck can I organize this properly, I am also banned to my room only, hah so no wide open spaces anymore
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Default Re: Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!

Yup more crap
Say hi to the server, its the silver Lian Li in the back, just running a podcast while working on this long and tedious build
Heres the cut aluminum top plate of what I call the PSU Garage
Here you can see how think it is, it also has anti vibration material applied to it, since a pump is going to be on top of it, although I am going to use a Gel on the pump as well, so hopefully little to no vibration
Heres the mock up, ie unbolted PSU Garage, it stands on 4 alluminium rods, to avoid and chemical reactions, so those took a while to find. Overall looks pretty good I think, its simple but works, thats the idea inside, simple but usefull
Another view of the front, the hole will have a kama bay in it, I still need to make dividers since these **** accessories have gaps in them sometimes.

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