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Old 09-12-2006, 02:17 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Perfect pc performance forever

nothing ever seems to beat a fresh installation of windows, it boots fast and games run at peak fps..etc

last week i thought, i hate having antivirus scanners and having to use junk cleaners and have all these running apps..etc and i'm tired of sudden software problems forcing me to seek info and help or reinstall.

i came up with a theory (i'm sure i'm not the first) that some probably wont like because it requires a slight change in user habits which i know is fiercly defended but bare with me and sorry for long post

main ingredient is Deep Freeze 6.0 which i used to dislike for several reasons but i then recently thought of a way around those reasons and realized how great this software's potential is.

so here was my plan layout which so far for a week straight has worked perfectly.

>disconnect cable modem (to help avoid possible infection after install)

>full formatted install of XP using 2 partitions (c will be frozen while d will stay thawed)

>updated all drivers and configured XP to my liking

>move "my documents" folder to D: drive (so default gamesaves..etc work as normal)

>install all games to D: partition so they can be modified however the game requires it to. also install frequently modified apps here such as Opera browser.

since C drive is restored every reboot and secured as site claims i saw no reason to install much of any 3rd party apps to C: as to help maintain OS integrity and speed.
even though changes require using "thaw" mode and reboot, i think the overall time it saves me in long run would be worth it.
theoretically i guess i dont even need a firewall since any viruses would be elimited on reboot but i used NV's hardware firewall instead so it wont eat cpu time and is decent.

after all that i freeze partition, connect to internet and so far i have to say its the best thing i think i ever did, DF works like a charm in this fashion and my benchmark scores remain exactly the same for a week now.

i know i havnt tested this long and hard enough yet but does anyone see any flaws in my idea of a perfect pc?

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hrmm, that sounds like a great idea, i think i'll actually give that a shot

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Sooooo... how do you update/patch Windows?

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you would have to download the patchs. unplug internet. disable deepfreeze then run the patchs and then re-enable.
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yea lots of work. me not bothering w. anything lie that

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Old 09-13-2006, 07:34 AM   #6 (permalink)
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nice idea but alot of long winded work why not just reformat when the computer needs it lol.
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actually, its been done already on a massive scale. my school. they got about 200+ dell optiplex gx440 towers, all the same. the do the same exact thing, with a external hdd, they have one copy of xp on a "model" machine that is sitting in the corner in one of the labs, and they copied the entire drive, programs and all for the entire school, onto a external hdd. now in the coputer lab, its a lil annoying, cause i had pc programing, and i(many o times) saved my work to the c drive, and lost it, nothing saved, restored on logout. i was thinking of doing the same to this pc, because i have no problem with that setup, cause i was on it for a year, and i got a 40gb as my win install, and an 80gb for other crap. ok now the reason people dont like to reformat their pc whenever it needs, is because it takes time to do that. if ur in a hurry to finish a homework assignment, or a resume, u dont want to format, plus when u format, u loose all of ur valued documents and what not. me, personally, i have a win2kpro sp4disk thats been slipstreamed and modded so it is a unatended install, so i just pop the disk in, and go to school, come back, it done, asking for key. on most installs, its a user install, so the user has to be there to click buttons and fix errors, otherwize that, the install halts, thus, taking even that was a lot of typing ^_^
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reformatting is whats long winded but you simply select thaw option then reboot and update as you want, it kinda sounds like work but in the long run it can save lots of time, just consider how long it takes to run and update AV scanners or all those maintances in attempts to regain performance.

my main aspect of it is to maintain constant peak performance and peace of mind knowing my registry isnt contaminated with spyware..etc cuz those scanners dont catch everything

i didnt like the idea of a frozen partition untill i realized the easy way to still save default files

if you change wallpaper or themes alot, just use standbye mode
i think if everyone tried out the trial version of DF and moved the my documents folder n stuff i bet most on average would really like it.

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