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Default Re: Overclocking stories

Yeah, you're going to have to move those fingers if you want that CPU-Z screenshot of 3.7GHz b1gapl!

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Default Re: Overclocking stories

I overclocked my E6400 from a stock 2.13Ghz to 3.2Ghz (and actually had it stable at 3.6ghz but dropped it back down in case I away and the temps got a little crazy)

anyways...I got a BIG performance increase with my OC and everything runs perfect and that was my first time OCing anything! I highly recommend it. Just make sure you take it slow when upping the voltage and FSB. That's probably where people run into horror stories. Also, know when to stop. lol

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Default Re: Overclocking stories

I overclocked a 650Mhz Athlon slot7 (or slot A, I dont remember) processor to 700mhz. I was God in TFC.
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Default Re: Overclocking stories

I got my AMD 3800+ Socket 939 from 2.0ghz to 2.5ghz stable. I could reach 2.6 but I don't think it was stable.

So far I've gotten my Q6600 from 2.4 to 3.0ghz. Some cold night this fall, I'll open up the windows and see how far I can get her to go.
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Default Re: Overclocking stories

[QUOTE=Tadow;1162836\ most of the people I work with either have and discourage others from doing it or have also never done it. \.[/QUOTE]
thats probably because they haven't realized that overclocking has gotten much safer over the years
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Default Re: Overclocking stories

Tried overclocking a laptop with clockgen. Ended up bsoding 30 times trying to find the right chipset. Rofl
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Default Re: Overclocking stories

Originally Posted by nagasama View Post
long enough for a cpuz screen shot lol
agreed... what u should do is add the CPU-z shortcut to ur startup folder... and quickly Screenshot
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Default Re: Overclocking stories

Originally Posted by nagasama View Post
i bought a 65 dollar x2 brisbane 3600, and it now runs neck and neck (except for l2 cache) with an x2 6000. which at the moment costs 169 dollars. when i first got my 3600, the 6000 was like 350 or something.
my 2 7900gs video cards BOTH run faster (overclocked) than the stock speed of the 7900gt, and they cost about half as much. yes, i max everything.
so, i say forget NOT overclocking...it's fun and you can save money...thereby having more beer money. mmmm. beer.
that's cool, think i'm going to upgrade my setup similarly to what you have. how have you done all the cooling? i think i may get a 3ghz windsor, unless people think that hasn't much OC potential? would i be throwing my money away or could i perhaps OC it to say, over 4ghz? or is that madness/ not physically possibly within the architecture?
i plan to get another 7600gs but still haven't thought how to cool it or the cpu. i think with my budget i'm going to end up making my own water cooling, so advice is much appreciated! i've read a few tutorials, it can't be as hard or dangerous as safely replacing a motorbike clutch and i learnt that from scratch!

hey, one thing to ask you lot, i saw this on ebay and it looks like it might have potential as a component in the water cooling system, but i can't think where. it's a peltier device. i don't think it can be used without water cooling as too much heat is created nearby. take a look! i might be wrong but i think it has major potential in chilling the water that pumps round the whole system. a fan can only cool to room temperature but this thing, i think, can freeze your fingers off!!!
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Default Re: Overclocking stories

sorry you can forget my question about overclocking an am2 6000, i see it's being covered on this very forum here
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Default Re: Overclocking stories

Originally Posted by Comdot View Post
could i perhaps OC it to say, over 4ghz?
no. you cant. lol. seriously.

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