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Default Overclocking and other problems please help!

Hi, im kinda a newby at computers so excuse my possibily stupid questions.

I got a new machine. Opteron 170 2ghz(wiht gigabyte cooler), 2GB ddr400 Corsair XMS platinum 2-3-3-6. msi 7900GT and the motherboard is an ASUS A8N with one 36GB raptor (cos the other one failed)

I've got a few problems and need professional help. My cpu runs at about 30-38C on default

1. The ram i bought says it has latencies of 2-3-3-6 default but why does it run on 3-3-3-8 default?
2. I manually change the timings to 2-3-3-6 in the Bios but my computer dosnt boot.
3. I tried to OC my ram to 433mhz at 2-3-3-8 but my computer dosnt boot, arnt they ment to be a good Overclocker??
4. Should my rig be overclockable
5. I get only about 7800 in 3dmark 05, is that unusual?
6. When a USB printer of USB bluetooth is plugged in, my computer freezes at the "push delete to enter bios" screen.
7. Sometimes (50%) my computer does not turn off, i shut it down and it freezes at the "windows is shutting down screen" forever.

and also i only get 5400 cpu score in 3dmark05 why is it so low? is there something wrong with my dualcore opteron 170 2.0ghz? Does it make any difference if i havnt upgraded my bios becuase it says unkown cpu in my bios but on cpuz its fine.

Your help is much appreciated!

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3. I tried to OC my ram to 433mhz at 2-3-3-8 but my computer dosnt boot, arnt they ment to be a good Overclocker??

433MHz would actually be running at 216MHz, and that's pretty high for RAM meant to run at 200MHz. Sometimes DDR400 will make it that far, sometimes it won't. You should either get DDR500 RAM, or set the RAM to run at lower speeds. I have mine set to DDR333 and I could probally hit 2.4GHz (from 2.0) before it will give me problems.


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please help me =)
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ya i have the same problems with my ram, its meant to be at 2 3 3 6 but its stuck at 3338, it freezes when i do change it tho
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1. the timings in the #spd table (table that tells the pc how to set the ram) do not always match the advertised timings.

2.you should be able to manually set it to the advertised timings and if it doesn't run stably send it back.

3.normally you have to loosen the CAS latency or boost the memory voltage slightly to overclock. also the overclockability of a given set of ram can not be guaranteed

4. should be overclockable (although i would take OCZ over Corsair any day)

5. i don't think so, look up some marks for people with similar rigs. if you haven't seen any you can't say the mark seems low

6. this seems to be a reasonably common problem, not unique to your motherboard. i have not seen a fix for this problem yet . it is possible though i highly doubt that this has something to do with power.

7. i am not sure, normally has something to do with background processes like spyware. sometimes is a hardware/driver issue
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