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Old 05-23-2006, 07:06 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Omg How???

How do I overclock my 3000+ venice core (amd 64 athlon)?!?!?!?!?!?!

I don't understand all that giberish walkthrough shiat, so don't send me there!!!

I'm a friggen newb at the BIOS, can someone please tell me what to do?!?!?

I just want to test the OC, so what do I do???

increase the FSB? Increase the multiplyer? Up the voltage???

Just basic stuff which everyone is NOT talking about! NOOB HERE HELP THE NOOB PEOPLE!!!

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cpu frequency= FSB (or HTT on AMD's newer processors) multiply by the clock multiplier. so in your case that is FSB=200mhz and multplier=9x. you can't change the multiplier but you can change the FSB. by increasing the FSB in small increments (5mhz suggested) you can slowly increase the processors frequency. when the processor becomes unstable (e.g windows will not boot, prime95 or superpi fail) you may need to slightly increase the cpu voltage. beware increasing the cpu voltage increases its heat output and you can fry the chip if you are not careful.

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err, with you being such a seld-proclaimed noob etc, i would not rush into this. you need to take your time, and do things slowly. i suggest doing a bit if research, and only when you DO understand the walkthroughs, should you start to overclock. you may not be aware, but you can actually break you computer by overclocking. nitestick summed it up really.
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Actualy i'm no noob. I build my computer from scratch (im 14). I got all the parts and just needed a masic explanation of what to do in the BIOS.

I'm not totaly familiar with it and just need to know which parts to go into. I don't like to f things up.

Oh and I no the dangers of OCing, believe me. My dad's been in computer for 35 years, met Bill Gates and own Webwombat. So i no quite a bit...
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Originally posted by SDtbawab6634n63
Actualy i'm no noob.
well you said it...

you know how to use the bios yes? it will be under advanced chipset settings or something. and then yea, as nitestick said, up the FSB by 5Mhz each time, and test each time. torture test with Prime95 for i would say 1hour eveytime you up it 5mhz, and every 20 mhz, give it a full 10-12 hours, checking for errors. when it starts to error, either drop back a bit, or just up the voltage A LITTLE. all the time, watch temps, especially when upping the voltage.

thats as much help as i can give, seeing as it is impossible for me to actually overclock my dell...

EDIT: is your dad OK? lol
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Very good Josh, I know I wouldn't be alright!, I presume your processor is a Sckt 939 as it is a Venice, therefore a x9 Multiplier, could you tell me your RAM cos I can give you recommendations on speeds with and without dividers if you want to go that far!
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I was in a very similar situation a few days ago with only a small amount of knowladge on overclocking> I recommend reading as many guides on overclocking as you can, that will help you ALOT.
I now understrand about the FSB, Multiplier, Memory dividers and so on.
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Yeah, just google overclocking guides.

Better yet, there are some very good ones right here in tech-forums.
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Just watch the HTT, otherwise the rest is self-explainitory. Your hypertransport should not be much above 1000, (or 2000 at dual rate).
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If your dads a comp god why don't you just talk to him.... Its always better to actualy have some one there so that you can ask questions on the spot.

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