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Default Re: OC questions

Originally Posted by Pepsiboy700 View Post
Regardless if hes giving it too much extra voltage or not, yes his temperature on load is too high considering 70 degrees celcius is its max recommended operating temperature.
no man, its not too hot. as in, its not going to melt or blow up or anything. too hot for my tastes, yes. if 70*C (i dont know and dont feel like looking it up at the moment) is its max operating temp, he's still 12* from that. i wouldn't take it past 60* myself, but if it is running 100% loaded on both cores with P95, then 58 degrees is acceptable.
if it was over 60*.....EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: whoops i just read a little closer on the everest screenie and saw the core temps. my apologies, i saw first only the 57*cpu reading. pepsi boy is right, those 65/63 temps are too hot. apologies pepsi boy. zenyora, you really dont want to go 1-2* over 60 AT THE MOST.
the temp difference adding .5V is pretty significant (as you have found out) with an amd. i have found that i can go up to about 1.45v with no significant temp increase, but after that it begins to rise drastically. My 4200 will run about 36*idle and 48-50*ish 100% loaded. bear in mind my room is kind of stuffy and i have all my fans set to low. i also have a cnps9500, at about 1/2 speed. with all my fans cranked it usually drops about 3*or so.
i say raise it on up (the cpu clock not the voltage lol) and see how far you can press it with that voltage. i think you can probably pull up to 2.7 stable with 1.45 on that opty...two things:
1) its s939
2) its an opteron
combined, that means it has the ability (most likely) to hit some pretty high overclocks.
good luck.

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Default Re: OC questions

ok here is another screen of the temps and everything ...
prime has been running for almost 4-6 hours while iam surfing the web ....but after what you said man i think iam going to just change the voltage from 1.4 which was its on now to 1.45 and see how far i can push cpu without changing anything ells...and ill post by tomorrow night ...
and nagasama:thanks again man awesome info ....ill let you know how it goes....

*i need to mention here that on all of my prime tests i used the the in place ffts(max heat /power consumption )
*@ 2.7 on 1.45 prime ran fine for 33 min with temps at 62* on each core so i stopped it and ran the blend test instead which showed an error right after 1 min ..is this the time to lower the ram?

*at this point i dropped the frequency to 2.6 and i also lowered the cpu voltage to 1.425...let see it this works overnight on the blend test with good temps....

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Default Re: OC questions

ok well so far all my tests with prime (blend test ) has failed ....the only option that actually worked so far was to drop the mem frequency from 333 to 233 @1t
with the cpu frequency @2.7 with cpu voltage of 1.45 ..and so far its stable with prime blend test ...so technically my ram now is at DDR 360........any ideas?
all temp were around 47-50ish during this test (blend test ) and it ran for 4 hours ...
and this is what my memory look like now

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