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Default OC Q9450/ Voltage?

Hi all.

First time I'm giving overclocking a try.

I've got the Intel Q9450, and by doing some searching in these forums, I see that "basically", all you have to do is boost the FSB settings up to the high three hundreds or perhaps 400, and get the Q9450 up to 3GHz or 3.2GHz.

But what about tweaking the voltage settings? Does that need to be done too to compensate for the raised clocking? I don't know much about tinkering with voltages, so if it's true and I do, then please give me a step-by-step on this.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte, #EP35C-DS3R.

Besides being a first-time overclocker, the reason I ask all this is because I overclocked by raising the FSB to where my clock is no 3.10GHz, and then I was playing the game Crysis for a while and my system crashed on me and then went into immediate reboot.

Graphics card is a GeForce GX2, and I'm tweaking the fan control with EVGA Precision, so the temp on the vid card is cool (low to mid 70's C). Power supply is a BFG 800 watt. RAM is 4GB, 800MHz.

Speaking of crashing and immediate reboot......

I think I've come across other posts here where people were experiencing this, and they were told that in order to see the message as to WHY the system was crashing and rebooting......it was something like go to System Properties, Advanced tab, Startup and Recovery Settings button.....but then what next? How do you get to see the message in case the system crashes and reboots again? Where do you get that info at?

Because after one of these crashes/ reboots, I tried going to Administrative Tools, Event Viewer, and then System.....but nothing there about why there was the crash and reboot.

Thanks for any tips or info.


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Default Re: OC Q9450/ Voltage?

I can't give you too much detailed information as I'm not the best person to go to. However I did just OC my Q9450 on my EVGA 780i FTW. Anything passed 3.0Ghz will require you to start upping some volts. Here's a few threads with a lot of useful information. I've posted my bios information in a few of them. Read through it all. You'll gain a lot of knowledge.

Anyone here overclocked a Intel Q9450 before?
Overclocking a Q9450 on an EVGA 780i FTW
EP45-DS3R won't allow Q9450 overclock past 3.2GHz or retain manual voltage settings
Cant get this OC stable, Please help!
intel Q9450 overclocking

I also learned a ton by running a Google search. I found results from many different forums.
Google Search Results

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Default Re: OC Q9450/ Voltage?

mine clocks to 3.5ghz with 1.225V, which is the VID or "stock" voltage. meaning that is what it is spec'd to run stock speed with. i also have an awesome motherboard with no vdroop.
you need to run stress tests. although crysis is a pretty good one
the reason for the crash is that your overclock is unstable.
try raising your NB voltage one notch before the cpu voltage.
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Default Re: OC Q9450/ Voltage?

i have the exact same (or nearly the ecaxt same) mobo as you, i'm running a GA-P35-DS3R with a Q6600 at 3.0ghz

what i did to get 3.0ghz is set the cpu host clock control to enable then set the cpu host frequency to what i need to get to a certen ghz on the chip (334X9 9 being the mulitplayer gives me 3.006ghz, 356x9 would give me just over 3.2)

but for this i had to change a few volts i had to set the system volts control to manual then +2 volts on the DDR2, FSB and north bridge (mch on bios) then set the chip to the next volts up till in hit stable

the thing i would do though is get prime95 and run that for 30mins + after you over clocked it to make sure its stable and so on but if all is well its good

one last thing though if you have 4 sticks of 1gb ram like me then your likely to hit a wall very fast like me, i jumped from 2.4 to 2.8 to 3.0 and i've not been able to get it past that

My new pc spec's ~

Case ~ nexus caterpilla
Mobo ~ Gigabyte GA~P35~DS3R Rev 2.0
CPU ~ Intel Q6600
HDD ~ 2 x 500gb western digital drives
Ram ~ 4GB worth (4 strips) of OCZ 2GB PC2-6400 Platinum Rev 2.0
PSU ~ Corsair 750TX
GPU ~ GTX 295

OS - Windows 7 Home 64-bit
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