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Talking Oc 2700+

pc mark 2002- at 1024x768 3d03 has display error but it started that before i started tweaking scored around 6-700 when i did it a while back and havent got 3d05 to big to dl on dialup
-2275.0 mghz----108mghz increase am i a 2.3GHz
score cpu-6589
fsb 175x13
agp 70
dram 420
cpu volt 1.676 dram v-2.5 agp v-1.5
cpu temp 54c during bench on stock cooling

is it better to have lower multiplyer for heat reasons
my fsb on cpu 333 166x2 so 175x2=350fsb
what is the high end fsb oc's on the 2700+ cpu
fsb at 350 and ram at 420 thats not good right -- lower ram??
or is the cpu just to low end to get up to the ram they should be equal right?
anyhow first oc,ing experience could you guys post yur oc,s as to mghz increase and possibly an 02 or 03 bench especially 2400-2800 xp's
list scores etc as much info as possible thanx thanx thanx

howd id dood:freak:

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I got my 2600+ up to 2.3ghz w/ no problems. You might be able to go higher but try not to oc your ram as much cause it will make it unstable. BTW dont forget about your vcore voltage.

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What kind of RAM do you have? I'm assuming PC3200?

at 420 you must have the ram at 210 and you really shouldn't OC your RAM. Beyond that there's no point in OC'ing the RAM if your CPU's FSB is lower....that's a complete waste...your RAM can only work as fast as the rest of the system and CPU can communicate to it.

You should have the CPU and RAM on a 1:1 ratio or if not that then the RAM under the CPU until you find your CPU's max.

The multiplier doesn't do anything to heat.

The Vcore and FSB generates heat, but even then the FSB doesn't generate noticeable heat until you've gone past 200 and are going beyond the motherboards intended specifications.

especially if you're using PC3200 then you'll want your CPU FSB at 200 with a multiplier accomadating the top speed of the CPU...but first you gotta find out that top speed.

Your CPU by default is 166x13 I believe....so you need to just bump up the FSB by 5mhz at a time and then run prime95 in windows.

Keep bumping up the FSB until Prime95 will error right away....this means that you need to add more Vcore to gain stability

Usually prime95 works like this:

1. It errors immediately = Need a little more Vcore for stability
2. Prime95 causes windows to freeze as soon as you hit 'TEST' = You need quite a bit more Vcore for stability
3. Won't boot into windows = Need a lot more Vcore
4. Comp won't post = either you've reached the CPU's max or you are extremely undervolting it...try not to let it get to this point.

Now if you get all the way up to 200 from 166 and you still got a cool and stable system then at a multiplier of 13 you'd have 2.6GHz and that'd be a nice OC....but like I said if it's still stable and cool...then you'll want to proceed.

Now you don't want to go over 200FSB for now since like I said you're learning and our goal here is to max out the CPU and retain a 1:1 ratio with the RAM.

So up the multiplier 14 and knock the FSB down to 180..now you're at 2.520GHz but now you have room to go further.

Repeat the process of upping it up by 5Mhz at a time and if you can again get up to 200 that'd be 2.8GHz but without watercooling this is basically unnattainable unless you get extremely lucky or something.

Once you've figured out the max of your CPU with the appropriate Vcore then put the FSB at 200 and adjust the multiplier so it matches the speed of your highest OC...then make sure your RAM is at a 1:1 with the CPU so you have your entire system on a 400FSB

55C isn't bad on full load, but I would suggest trying to avoid hitting 60C full load...you should definitely look into aftermarket heatsinks for better cooling.

Incase you wanted to know I have a 35w 2400+ XP-M OC'd to 2.5GHz from 1.8GHz

200x12.5 = 2.5GHz
1.825 Vcore
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Talking great response

NUUBIUS U DA MAN great explanation very easy to follow im copy/paste it right now the only thing i can see being a hard spot is the multiplyer is locked im pretty sure and this is being done with easytune4 ill have to figure how to down the dram? its at 160 but i tried to pull it down and the fsb went with it.. any way to leave fsb and down the dram? i have the fsb in bios at 175 not sure if its staying there cause easytune is loading oc on boot and i cant check the bios after booting i know ive got pc diags 3 of them and its says its up but i had oc'd it and booted to bios and then i changed it there my agp/pci is locked in bios couldnt figure how to manipulate it other than that man this is fun better cooling and who knows weeehaaaa hope others learn from yur post NB thanx
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