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Default nooooooooooooooooooooooby

ok i just got an ega 6800gs superclocked agp and i need to know how to tweak out its performance. NOt overclocking but just tweaking out the display to give eye candy to games. A lot of people say that you adjust those settings in the game video options but what else do you do? when i right clicked on the desktop and went to nvidia settings it showed a hole bunch of stff that i could tweak with i just dont know what im doing can someone in detail form explain the basics on what i should be messing with so each game is able to play on good settings with out any lag? thanks for your time

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You will have to mess about with the settings to see if your games get laggy. Just go into the game settings and change everything to the highest (if you can) and if that makes it lag lower it a bit. In the cards actual settings just leave them and it will use the settings in the game.

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AA(anti aliasing) = the higher it is the smoother the edges are in your games. i would only recommend if u are using a low resolution like 1024*768 or maybe even 1280*1024, but it really depends on the performance you can get outta it.

AF(antistropic filtering) = sharpens textures and makes them seem more high res. IMO it makes games look alot better...especially on the source engine.

V-SYNC(vertical sync) = v-sync reduces the amount of tearing in your games. i dont really notice it that much but i guess if u have a really nice card some people like it. this keeps your FPS(frames per second) the same as ur refresh rate. if u have an lcd it will be 60 fps. i dont recommend it for u becuase u have a mid range card and it will cause u to loose performance. plus its not even noticable for and most people dont use it.

umm..the rest u should be able to figure out. make sure u keep the settings in ur driver options to "application preferences" and the image quality to whatever u want it to be. if i were u i would put it on performance. only change settings in the actually game not ur drivers UNLESS their are no options for lets say AA or AF in the game. then u can change it in ur driver settings.
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