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Default New Member, building system, need help?

First off, kick-a$$ board, thanks for all the info ...

I've been blessed with a good job which has allowed me to stack up some cash and after playing around with the gaming computer companies (alien, velocity) ... I decided to do it myself in hopes of learning something ... unfortunately I've spent waaay more than I would have if I had just gone through a company ... forgive me if I'm a newb but here is what I've bought and any info would be appreciated ...

Case: Thermaltake V2000A Super
Motherboard: Abit IC7-G Max 3
CPU: Intel P4/3.0CGHz 800M 478P/512K HT RT
Video Card: ATI 9800 Pro 128m
Memory: 2 X DDRAM 1GB TWINX1024-4000PT COR RT
Hard Drive: 2 X 36GB|WD Raptor 8MB
Optical Drive 1: Lite-on 52X24X52 CDRW
Sound Card: M-Audio Revolution 7.1
Floppy: Misumi 3.5"
Cooling: Prometeia Mach II Vapor
Mouse: Mystify/Razer Boomslang 2100

The mouse I had to order from Germany through E-bay as it is impossible to buy here ... I bought the Max-3 from but I feel like they just put it out there as pre-order money because no one else is carrying it so I won't see it for a while (unfortunate) ... the Max3 sais it can handle 4gb but it only has 4 dimm slots and all I could find was 2gb, so how do I get to 4gb??? ... I bought 2 Raptor HD's because they're supposed to be the fastest, do I need to RAID these together or something?? ... my last question, can I order another Mach II for the Video Card or will this not work ... oh sorry, what's the best corded keyboard to get ....

Sorry, I have no clue how to put this thing together ... if anyone is comfortable with the above setup and wants to email me then give me there number I'll be happy send them $50 via paypal for a step by step on the phone walk through thanxs


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first off,..4gb of memory is overkill....512mb of memory is enough...1gb is heaven....and 2gb is the heaven in heaven and 4gb is overkill. and i also wouldn't recommend using all dimm slots.

ok for your 2 HD,..what are you planning do with the second, it for storage? mirror the first HD? of RAID 0?
for storage, you don't have to raid them. for faster read and the RAID 0,..for the RAID 1
heres more info on raid setups.

i have no clue on your video card cooling,..others here will probably have an answer for that.

as for keyboards,..anything with the logitech brand is good.

for putting them together here are the basics

for part 1
for part 2

as for other peripherals, the cooling,..once you get everything installed/ put together,...i have doubt that you can do it as well

no payment required,..this is what you call free tech service!! unless you want to call the philippines!lol!
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