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Default New Athlon 64 FX To Counter Intel In November

Personally I dont think AMD stands a chance.......

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) plans to launch three 90nm Athlon 64 FX processors intended for its 4x4 platform (a two-socket board, each containing a dual-core processor) in mid-November, with an aim to counter Intel's planned launched of its Core 2 Extreme QX6700 CPU, according to sources at Taiwan motherboard makers who are familiar with AMD's latest roadmap.

The three Athlon 64 FX processors will be marketed under the FX-70, FX-72 and FX-74 names and have clock frequencies of 2.6GHz, 2.8GHz and 3.0GHz, respectively, with all models having 2MB (2x1MB) L2 cache and a TDP (thermal design point) of 125W, the sources indicated.

Although the major specifications of the FX-70, FX-72 and FX-74 are similar to those of AMD's Athlon 64 FX-60, FX-62 and FX-64, the new Athlon 64 FX CPUs will utilize the Socket 1207 connector being used in AMD's server processors, instead of the Socket AM2 or the Socket 939, the sources noted.

However, the adoption of the Socket 1207 connector requires more design work for motherboards makers, and therefore, will push up board prices, stated Taiwan motherboard makers. As a result, Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX6700 may still hold a cost advantage over the new Athlon 64 FX lineup, contended the makers.


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I can't wait to see the benchmarks. Should be pretty entertaining.

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you judge too early, The General (seeming to imply the C2D's will still win)

I have been trying to follow AMD's development, and this is what I've seen in line for K8L (based on speculation):

* 65nm die size

* improved DDR2 memory controller

* improved architecture (more IPC)

* silicon-germanium transistors (the same ones IBM got to 500GHZ)

* change in transistor shape (to increase surface area without increasing footprint size)

* quad cores (four cores on one die - as opposed to Intel's two dual core dies on one chip)

* DDR3 support

* upgraded HyperTransport bus

* 4x4 (four quad core chips on one motherboard)

I think there may be one or two things I've forgotten
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These aren't K8L, and believe me when K8L does come out, and it kicks Intel's arse, I will sell this on eBay and buy a K8L system, but until then, all I can do is laugh at AMD.
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Interesting. So I guess the 2 X2 3800's in 4x4 for a "cheap" quad core solution is out the window?

I was under the impression 4x4 would be using AM2 :amazed:

This is really just sounding like a gap filler for AMD so they at least have something to compete in the high end market until K8L, but does nothing for the average user.

Seems like everything is coming in pairs now:

2 PSU's for R600

Might as well just get 2 computers

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The AMD cores have twice the memory bandwidth due to dual controllers. -they also have direct connect

With a higher clock rate they may come close in certain things.
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What will happen to like the FX-62s and stuff... are they still going to be so overpriced..?
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People just need to come to terms with the fact that an older processor family cannot compete with a new processor family whatsoever unless you boost clockspeeds at least 50% over what they originally ran at. The AMD64 broke into the market at 1.8GHz and is now approaching nearly 4 years of market time and speeds of 3GHz. Current AMD64s cannot compete with C2Ds unless you have them running around 3.5GHz and even then it's a close race

Boosting clockspeeds will not save AMD or hide the superiority of C2D from people. 4x4 seems to be a painful reminder of Intel XTREME EDITION
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lol history repeats itself only this time its AMD who is doing the ghz. well its always a game of oneupsmanship. they just keep outdoing each other.

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i think it's a backwards step migrating the FX series back to a server platform. personally i also think it would be foolish to run an Athlon based processor in an MP configuration unless they are returning some of the Opteron features to it. perhaps give back one of the three HTL's and i'll change my mind

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