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Default Need help overclocking my E6600 C2D

Ok, I have the e6600 overclocked to 2.88ghz with a FSB of 1280, cpu frequency of 320, multiplier at 9x, and memory at 800mhz.

This is on an ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium mobo, with Zalman CNPS9500 LED cooler, with 2x1gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 EPP Dual channel ram (I finally moved the ram to the correct slots to get dual channel to work lol)

Now, every time I try to increase the FSB any higher, I can't get it to post. Same goes with the cpu frequency. Even if I just try to take it up 1 point to 321, it won't post.

It runs great where it's at, but I really wanted to try and hit 3ghz at least. I'm not sure what else to try. I was thinking (probably wrong), that perhaps I need to increase the voltage to my cpu to compensate for the increase in FSB? But I don't want to do that without talking to you experts first.

So basically, my question is: What can I try at this point to increase my speed further?

I also have 1 more question. This mobo supports true 16 lanes for each PCI-E slot. I have 1 7950gx2 in the first slot. When I run CPU-Z, in the Mainboard slot, and graphic interface section, it shows my Link Width as 8x, and Max Supported is 16x. Is this correct for this card? Since it is technically 2 GPU's on 1 card, I suppose each could be using 8 lanes, for a total of 16? And that CPU-Z is just reading it wrong?

If it isn't correct, then how can I change it and get the full usage of my card, and the PCI-E slot?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide. Sorry if I'm being a nuisance, I've just spent alot of money on my system, and I really want to maximize it's potential.

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fricken right ur being a nuisance . this is what these forums are for bud. to help others..... and be a nuisance haha.

each cpu has different OCing capabilities. u can buy two what seem to be identical cpu's and one OC's 500MHz higher. what do ur temps look like first of all. most of the 6600's have been able to hit 3GHz without increasing vcore but u may have to. that board supports a fairly fine tuned vcore adjustment system so just adjust it by one increment (0.0625 i believe) and try raising the FSB another 1 MHz. it wont hurt it at all to try that out


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lol ok

Well, as of right now, my CPU temp is at 27C. So I would think I have quite a bit of room to grow.

But yeah, I understand what you are saying about each proc is different. I see people claiming 3.6-4.0ghz with their overclocks, and I understand that their mobos are definately better than mine for overclocking, but I would think I should be able to squeeze into 3.0 easily still hehe. At least I'd hope so.

btw, thanks a ton for helping.
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