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Get a venice core CPU, it has some revisions made to it, like SSE3 instructions, and a revised core for overclocking.

I have had bad experiences with Abit (I have the AV8 3rd eye) and I would not be getting their motherboard any time soon.

You will need to get a 24pin PSU, and don't get one with an adapter (the 20+4pin is good)


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Very interesting. I have almost the exact system as the one you are speaking of. I ordered the part's, and I put it together. I've been using it for around 5 day's so far.

However, I have a AMD Athlon 3000+ Venice, but everything else, (RAM, Vid card), are the same. And I have to say, in Counter Strike Source, Half Life 2, I can turn up the graphic's to maximum, (AA x4, ect.), and still get incredible frame rates and graphic's. I turned everything up high in Counter Strike Source, and did a stress test. I got 112 fps in it. So your configuration will not have any problem's at all. The only problem I have as of now, is my internet, nothing's wrong with this computer, work's excellent.

I can still maintain plenty of fps in Counter Strike Source, but it does lag a bit, when I try to play it with 5 or 6 bittorrent files running in the background, as well as msn, and a media player.
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Some parts of your motherboard are contradictary. Everything is compatible still, but you have some unnecessary crap.

The Zalman cooler is totally useless unless you are doing some hefty overclocks. Just use the stock heatsink and fan unless you are overclocking.

Then, you have RAM that is not that great for overclocking. It is perfect RAM if you arent overclocking, though.

As mentioned, get a Venice cored CPU. They run cooler and have an extra instruction set (SSE3), among other new features.

Another thing that seems unnecessary is the sound card. Did you know that the mobo you picked already has 5.1 onboard sound? Not to mention the sound you get off of mobos these days is really good. Also, I dont know what kind of speakers you have, but unless you have some pretty fancy ones, you would never notice a difference between onboard sound and that sound card.

Everything else looks good, though

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Alright, thanks for the excellent help everyone.
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Default Re: Need Help With First Build

Cooling - YES
Memory - NO - If you plan on overclocking - YES if not.

Processor - Venice for sure
Motherboard - NO - Go with ASUS or DFI
Video Card - YES nice card.
Power Supply - NO - Go with PCP&P Turbo-Cool 510
Case - NO - Nice but too much $$$ for so little.
Hard Drive - NO - Most s939 MOBO's have SATA onboard. Go with SATA HDD's without a doubt.

Sound Card - YES - Good Choice
Monitor - YES - Fine

This is just my opinion...
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Like mentioned, the mobo ain't all too great. Asus and Dfi are good, gigabyte's ok if you want a low priced mobo.

I dunno, that HSF is good, that zalman, but it's too fat, and takes up space, usually a ram slot or 2. I suggest looking for one not soo bulky. True, you could just use stock, but that's just stock, so it gets a little hot. I love the Gigabyte 3D Rocket cooler. Looks great, works great, and can use pretty much any newer cpu socket.

That PSU seems to be fine, it's got 2 fans innit so overheating shouldn't be an issue.

HOLY CRAP! you see the pricetag on that case!? to me it looks like a default $60 CAD case. Nothing fancy, but works.. but geez! $125 USD!? it better be made of titanium or something like that, lol. There's better cases out there for sure, some with even lower pricetags. If I were you, get a sweeter case like this one:

Thermaltake Tsunami VA3000BWA Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window - Retail:

Definately a good case. Look around more man, see if you can find a diff case you like. I like Antec and Thermaltake cases. Artec has some cool designs.. but my NZXT replica is plastic junk that broke during shipping.. so make sure your case is metal, preferrably steel, but aluminum's good too.
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The best case thermaltake ever made is the SHARK. And it's being discontinued. I just picked another one up at for 149.00 - 10.00 instant rebate & a $40.00 mail in rebate. $100.00 for that case is an absolute steal. It doesn't come with a PSU, which is better in my opinion. It's just flashy enough, cool blue lighting... Heavy well crafted door with bezel lock, front panel audio, USB, firewire.... Side panel has honeycomb metal which is see through, it's crafted in such a way, you can only see certain components, the only ones you really want to see.

It's a HUGE FULL ATX TOWER. It has (7) 5.25 Bays. All of which have screwless clip brackets which easily slide in and out of chassis. (5) harddrive brackets with same type clips. Easy to slip in a (SATA) HDD and take it back out. PLENTY OF ROOM inside... 120mm rear fan, 120mm front fan... great airflow.... removable motherboard tray, plenty of places to lock tie off wires....

I like it. can you tell?
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Abit are far better than Asus for AMD board's havoc, we all know this.
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yeah... i guess so. I just never used an abit before. I've only used, ASUS, DFI, GIGABYTE AND MSI. I stand by those and recommend what i've had good luck with I guess. But, that's just me.

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