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Old 12-09-2004, 10:29 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default My Setup

I was wondering if someone could look at the list and let me know if I am getting a good deal and how you would rate the computer and if you had any suggestions.

Motherboard: ASUS P5GD1 915P LGA775 1xPCI-E X16 3xPCI-E X1 GbLan SATA & IDE Raid
CPU: Intel P4 LGA-775 540 3.2E w/HT
RAM: OCZ4001024PDC-K 2x512M PC3200 Kit 2.5-3-3-7 (1GB Total)
Video: SAPPHIRE Radeon X600XT 256MB PCI-Express 16x
Sound: onboard 8-channel HD audio
HDD1: WD Caviar SE 80G 7200rpm SATA 8M
HDD2: Caviar SE 200G 7200rpm SATA 8M
CD: 16X DVD int. IDE Black
DVD: GSA 4160B 16X/8X Dual Layer DVD/RW Oem Black
Case: Scorpio 868 Mid Tower BLUE w/o PS
PS: ATX 500w P4 Power Supply

So there it is. The whole thing, after tax will be $1625.00 (CND).

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the X600 card from ATI sucks horribly compared to the 6600 from I really suggest you get that instead. I personally don't like ASUS but it's simply for the fact that I've had crappy boards from them and their tech support is horrible. I think MSI and ABit make better boards although I don't know how wide their Intel selection is.

Everything else looks fine and the price seems about right although I haven't thoroughly looked into Intel CPU prices.

other than that X600 I say everything else is good and should make for a decent gaming machine. Should be able to play most current games on max settings. The 6600GT can handle doom3 in max settings and it can play HL2 with max settings although nvidia doesn't perform as well in HL2 as ATI, but it's just like ATI doesn't perform as well in doom3 as nvidia.

All in all like I said everything looks good but the X600....that card is garbage compared to the 6600GT which beats it in every benchmark and aspect period. You can look up any article regarding a comparison of the two to find that out.

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Old 12-10-2004, 04:12 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Scarp the ASUS baord as it is trash. Abit makes the best and most ocable boards. Get yourself an Abit AA8-Duramax. I have a P4 520 @ 3.73 GHz from 2.8 GHz. I have the X600Pro, but I only do animation and everything except gaming. So, it will be fine if you are like me, but if it is gaming then get yourself an ATi Radeon X700Pro or X700XT, if you can afford than the X850XT PE is the best!
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What are you going to be doing with this computer?
The Stargate MMORPG
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X600 Pro sucks indeed for gaming. Get yourself an X700 XT, or a 6600GT. The X850XT P.E. is probably out of your price range. If you are an absolute hardcore gamer and can afford it, than thats not a bad deal, but otherwise, the X700 XT or 6600GT will be your best bet.
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Old 12-10-2004, 09:24 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Yeah I agree the x600 is pretty terrible, the x700 is rumored to be just above par than a 9800 pro, which means the x600 sucks for todays games.
If you ever have any questions feel free to email me at, I will send you back an email as soon as possible.
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Thanks for all the I guess I will change the vid card. Besides if I'm gonna spend money on a comp I might aswell dish out the extra to get a vid card to last me a couple years.

thanks again

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