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Originally posted by TheMajor
[color=darkred]Seriously, what's the use of a cordless mouse when using it only a few inches away from your computer ???????????????? ??? ???????? ???
It needs batteries, it's rather heavy (although you can get used to it).
And you can not get a wireless mouse for $12 that is suited for gaming.
If you have a corded mouse, you only have to put the wire in the right place once a year maybe, depending on how often you move the PC or stuff on your desk. I never have any problems with my wire.
A wireless keyboard is even more pathetic when used at a short distance, lol. It's like using WLAN to connect to a desktop computer in the same room.
a: my g7 has a usb powered battery charger that charges its own litihium-ion (i think?) batteries. it comes with two batteries, and they can be swapped on the fly.
b: i've found that the wieght actually improves my performance and acurracy in games.
c: it surely didn't cost 12 dollars, i agree.
d: the way my desk and comp are arranged, the wire of the mouse would flop all around and drag itself down, and irritate me during usage, especially gaming. i could have scotch taped it to the desk, but that is ghetto.
e: i agree, a wireless keyboard is pretty retarded unless you have a media rig and it's in another room/far away.

of course, there's somebody who loves ther cordless keyboard as much as i love my g7. to each his own.

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Not keen on the fan at the front of the case, maybe a less intrusive dark coloured fan would have looked better....... thats just what i think.
Other than that there isn't anything wrong with it, i bet it performs pretty well and it must run at a good temp with those fans.

About the corded/cordless thing, ive had a packard bell cordless rechargeable mouse for about a year now and i play all my games fine with it including battlefield 2142 online and its fine, battery life is good on the original batteries i got with it, and this isnt even a top of the range cordless mouse! keyboards is a different story for me though, i bought a Logitech cordless keyboard which went straight back to the shop the next day, it was so unresponsive in Hitman bloodmoney(the game i tested it on) so on a game like BF2142 online it would have been worse id imagine, so yeah cordless mouse/wired keyboard is my preferred combination

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Wow, 7 pictures. I don't think this even needed a 56k warning. lol
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5 Computers, 5 monitors, 1 wireless mouse and keyboard controlling 5 WoW Accounts. That's a use for a wireless setup. (Yes, someone actually does that)

Sexy rig btw
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nice rig, love those fans.

yea, i got a wireless kb and mouse, i prefer the wired keyboard over the wireless because the wireless only lets me press 3 keys at once, and in gaming its down right crap. my mouse is wireless, just like the flexibility of it, i can move from one desk to another, or on my bed, and when it dies, i just pop it on the charger and use my "back up" mouse (Gateway usb ball mouse)
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ha yea i prefer cordless over the corded...just yea the mouse it weighs a slight bit more but nothing thats super obvious...i hate the feeling of the mouse cord falling down and having to tug on it a little does that bug me chills some times
haha i have a wireless keyboard its not bad but it cant go to far for some reason...maybe batteries are dying
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Well if you have our computer somewhere on your desk ( where I think all rigs should hold there place of glory ) then you would never have any problems with cords getting jammed somewhere down underneath the desk

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Idles at around 27C and maxes out at 41C at those speeds and voltages.
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I "Used" to have a wireless mouse and about every 30mins of gameplay it would start lagging and i would get ****ed off and hit something haha. Now i have a logitech MX518 and its sweet never lags and the extra buttons are awesome.
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Yea, I just got the MX518, and it rocks.

Nice rig pepsiboy700....not bad on the wire management.



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