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Default Moding a toower for X800 AGP

Well, I recently bought an ATI AIW X800XT 256MB AGP vid card. My current board does not have a spot for it and won't be sufficient. Please help me on what parts I will need. Basically want to keep my processor, but wish to change my MoBo & Power Supply. I am having difficulty finding an Intel MoBo that will support an ATI AGP slot. My current processor is an Intel Celeron with a chipset of FiF 651. My current MoBo is a micro ATX form factor and would probably want the same Form Factor for the new board. Please help me!!! I am at a loss on what to do and just happened to stumble on this site. Thank you in advance. Can't wait to hear from all of you.


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First off, what brand computer are you using? With no AGP slot, it sounds like a Dell. If so, you are definately gonna need a case, too.

Nothing wrong with going with a microATX board, there are a lot of good ones out there.

You actually want to pair a X800XT with a Celeron? WHY?

Post back what you are running, computer-wise. Brand, make, model number, the works. And we'll see what we can do.


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Dude, dont get a Micro ATX! Those dont have anything special about them. They run HOT, and you cant do any MOD's. The X800 XT runs very hot also. So you want some type of aftermarket cooling. If your going to OC, then you need a mid-tower or full-tower.

This mobo will support AGP X8.
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Wow dude you want to keep teh celeron but buy an x800xt
buy whole new everything it'll run better.
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Well ok I'm pretty sure that my current tower is a mid/tower capable of handling a mid/atx form factor mobo. Dimensions of case. Approx. 16x16x10. My current chip is a celeron intel p4 probably around 2.0-2.5ghz. The chipset is FiF 651. I would like a mobo to also keep the same chipset while having a 8x agp slot for my vid card. I would like to keep all the components that I can to keep costs down while still getting a good result from my x800. What I need to know are part numbers for the mobo, power supply, memory, etc. that would be caompatible. Thanks for the link bro but thats a full atx board and i need at least a mid or micro mobo for my current tower. It is not a dell it was a barebones computer bought off of ebay. It is in good condition. Thanks fellas.
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Plzzzzzz don't pair that X800 with a Celeron. Get an AMD64 or even a Pentium 4, and it will be so much better. That Celeron will bottleneck that card so unbelievable bad. Celerons are good compared with integrated graphics or 9200SEs or the likes, not X800XTs!
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yea man get a better processor than that or else your waisting you r money getting that hot card man. i would suggest getting an Nforce 3 chipset at least and a 2.5 p4/ AMD equivalent at the MINIMUM!!!!!
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Ok then say your building the system. Tell me blow by blow. Part numbers on compatible cases, part numbers on what power supply, what processor, what mobo you would suggest, and memory. Build it. Keep the cost below $800. Give me links. I need information! Thanks guys. Go to town. LOL.
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easily acheived for 800, easily. (my 2 cents)
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Don't buy intel.. They suck.

Get an amd 64 with a low end gigabyte motherboard

It's kind of pointless to go an get a nice video card if you don't have the processor power to do the math necessary to run a game efficiently.

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you might want to spend 70$ on an 80gb 8mb cache 7200 rpm OS drive so everything is smooth too, Western Digital 80gb 7200rpm 8mb cache would do it.

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