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umybiatch2k6 09-14-2004 05:49 PM

know any good deals?
I'm just checkin with you guys to see if I got anything wrong. I wanna hear what you think about the new 775s and the mobo, if at all possible and if you are as kind as to share your infinite knowledge.
So here goes:

Asus P5GD1-VM Intel Socket 775 Motherboard and Intel Pentium 4 520 2.8Ghz Processor: - $290

Now, questions about this:
1. are the 775 socker mobo's good? should I avoid them?
2. is the processor good, does it overheat, does it do anything it shouldn't do?
3. wat's the deal with the integrated video? 224MB of shared or wat is it? 333MHz, is that good for core speed? (the link for the mobo is )

Western Digital Caviar 200GB 7200RPM 8MB buffer - $90
Should I get an S-ATA? wat are the advantages to SATA?

Ultra 512MB PC3200 - $60

Now, as far as the case goes, I want to get something than looks decent (as in for a 40year old), not very gaming-directed, if ya know wat i mean, and not antique looking either. So, if you know any good deals, plz let me know.

Now, as far as the PSU goes, I can only imagine I need something above a 350Watt or so? I want something quiet, so whatever you can come up with...

So up to now it's $440 out of the $650, the price i promised the guy. In those $210 I need a case, a good, quiet PSU, drives (prolly a CD-burner, DVD-ROM combo or sumthin), floppy, CPU fan (about 40 bucks), and that should be it. If you have any good deals, post 'em here plz. I highly preffer TigerDirect or BestBuy/CircuitCity kind of stores because I don't have to pay shipping.

Thanks a bunch guys, and I hope I hear back from ya soon.

Nubius 09-14-2004 06:57 PM one really wants to tackle this request. You gotta realize theres like 10 questions a day on 'What should I buy with my $10,000'

In personal experience..and the experience I've read from other threads on here...I don't like ASUS and will never buy from them again. Support is horrible unless you speak taiwanese. I don't know anything about intel products sorry. They have an onboard graphics card and for whatever reason instead of making it 128 or 256 they are claiming 'up to 224' so that sounds kinda crappy to me.

The only reason I can think you'd want SATA is if you plan on getting the 10,000rpm raptor hard drives....faster loading times on windows...faster reading, writing, etc....never had one so not fully sure HOW great they are.

I'm not gonna give you case suggestions...I feel they are like a some research and find one that 'suits you' ya know? As for a good PSU and especially quiet...look to Thermaltake.

Thats a good strong 560watt power supply...its what I have and it works great..after shipping it'll be around $100 even. Most computers don't need floppies these days but it is a little nerve racking when you go to flash your BIOS and you can't create a repair disk :p if you want a Heatsink and fan combo I'd suggest the tornado 12. If you want just a damn good heatsink I'd suggest the SLK-900A equivelant for your socket 775. SLK-900A is meant for a SocketA AMD Motherboard, but I know they have one for'd just have to search out that brand for the socket you have...the producers of those is Thermalright..not to be confused with thermaltake which is the PSU Maker

The link I gave for the PSU...if you don't need that much power...the 480watt is also good and $20 cheaper. If you get the Thermalright SLK series for whatever your socket is....the Vantec Tornados push quite a crapload of air (at the expense of being very loud) Mind you aftermarket heatsinks and fans are more expensive..the heatsink I'm talking about is like $30-$40 alone. Trying to get a good PSU, plus burner and dvd-rom under $210 is gonna be tough. Good luck on that unless you just can find some really good $50 cd-burners and dvd-roms then you'd be perfect...but that still leaves out the CPU fans if you go expensive.

umybiatch2k6 09-15-2004 01:44 AM

thanks for all of that, nubis.
I still have some questions, though:
1. Do I really need a 480watt? cuz I was wondering if i could save like 50 bucks if I get like a 400Watt.
PS: I NEED a quiet computer, so no loud PSUs;
2. Would a do as good as the Thermalright? I'm willing to spend a lot on CPU fans just to make sure it'll be okay
that's it actually. Thanks a bunch once again guys, and keep 'em coming!!

Nubius 09-15-2004 02:49 AM

I don't know if you need the 480're the one putting the computer together here. Those are some fine resources to find out how much wattage you need....and a higher wattage PSU doesn't mean it's going to be noisy...they are all virtually noiseless these days....You can buy one from thermaltake that doesn't have any fans on it...just bigass heatsinks sticking out the sides, but yeah the ones I directed you to are I said I got the 560 so don't be so bent up about the noise of a PSU by, especially by thermaltake.

I've never even heard speeze cpu fan and heatsink...if you want a good heatsink you get solid copper...not one with a copper core. Basically that thing you linked to looked like crap especially if you said you want to spend a good amount on a good CPU fan for good temps.

that will be a pretty good heatsink and it supposed to come factory lapped to a damn near mirror finish. it DOES NOT however come with a you'd have to buy your own and it only supports 80mm so I'd suggest getting a vantec 80mm tornado with that..those are LOUD however.

That is also supposed to be damn near top of the line heatsinkage...again with no fan but can adapt up to 92mm so you could put on a 92mm tornado for some major air pushage...but again it'd be loud as hell......I haven't seen a comparison against the two heatsinks but personally I'd go with thermalright.

umybiatch2k6 09-16-2004 01:24 AM

Thanks a bunch for all the info, man, I really appreciate it! the power supply was REALLY useful.
As far as teh sinks go, the thermalright looks sweet as hecks, but the $50 bucks involved... i dunno.... I mean it might not be spending my own money, but still. Plus this guy is not gonna use it at any kind of extremes or anything, ya know? The other one sounds cheap enough, but if anyone knows any other cheaper fans, plz do post.
Once again, thanks a bunch Nubius!!

PS: dont forget about the 775 deal.... is it risky right now or is it good and worth the price? is the mobo good? wat's the deal?

umybiatch2k6 09-16-2004 02:46 PM

how's this for a psu?

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