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Originally posted by Nubius
Funny how somehow people always manage to pick my comments out amongst the few that are already posted.

Point is...upgrading and adding hardware isn't 'boosting a system performance'

We're talking a computer, already made, sitting there....theres nothing you can do to speed it up.

Adding new hardware is a given to speed it up, but that's not what you're asking.

So if you're talking about adding dual CPUs, and extra sockets and crap, you're talking about a whole different thing besides 'increasing speed without overclocking'

You should learn to word your questions more to the point of what you want, because what you're asking is more in the lines of mods or hardware additions than simply increasing speed by other means than OC'ing

Sorry if I hit a softspot on you Nubius?? By picking your post and quoting it, But I did not want this thread to end because you posted that you can't make a 1 doller worth 5 dollers and that there where no possiable way to get Overclocking gains without Overclocking, now after a Moderator posts that who the H$LL is going to post after that!!!. I am looking for any suggestions here. But it looks like to me that your wanting to end this thread at anyway possiable. So thanks for ending my thread for me??

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o brother, don't go blaming Nubius for being realistic. overclocking is the BEST way to gain performance...any other kind of speed gain isn't half as effective, that's why he said it's not really possible to get an effective speed boost without overclocking. by telling the truth he's not closing your thread, hes giving you a straight answer.

I would try to see if i can get my HDD on any other faster system of data transfer. Say it's on IDE cable, see if you can get it running on SATA, Try hooking up a RAID connection if it's supported. Just make sure its supported by your hardware.

Go to places like and see if any of there tips significantly boost your Windows performance. Disabling themes, graphics, really helps XP speeds.

Disable as many services as you can, cuz theres lots. My firend can run his machine on 7 servies alone, mine takes at least 20 to get it all in sync with the n etwork. See what you don't need and disable it. This should help your waiting in XP alot.

If you don't want to format often, DEFINETLY Defrag often.

Keep your hardware cool, it might not help in speed or naything, but if yu are lagging after hours of gaming or anything like that it could be a heat problem. plus cooler hardware is always better as we all know, and it should keep your hardware at optimal operating speeds.

That's about all i can think of....but all of those combined won't equal the speed/performance boost you would get from a smal-moderate overclock. They are just tweaks, overclocking is like adding Nos and a turbo to your computer lmao.

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Jnewt427, but Nubius is right... Your question dont make much sense. I could just say buy a better processor then the one you have... and say buy another processor witch is fasther then the last... The only way to do what your asking, is to buy something better then what you have..

It seems like your afriad to OC, but you like the idea. So your trying to find the results of OC somewhere else. But OC is just OC. If you want something really fast, get a AMD 3800 or 4000. You would spend around 650$, but you wouldent have to OC anything, since those processor are so great. What 4W4K3 posted is a good idea, try doing some of that.
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Jnewt427 smack yourself and wake up
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DJ-Chris, no need for that man. Lets atleast try to keep it as civil as possible.

Like whats been said above Jnewt, I gave you a simple and to the point answer. I'm in no way trying to close your thread and if people feel they can't post simply because I've posted, well that's their issue, not yours or mine.
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Pff it's civil

No hurt feelings, no flames. And JNewt isnt even dumb or stupid.
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you can tweak your computer in a lot of ways to make it run faster

first, if you're running XP you can disable themes.
right click on my computer, click advanced, go to performance settings, and click "adjust for best performance" then apply

speed up your file browsing times by clicking tools, folder options, view and uncheck "automatically search for network folders and printers"

disable services: go to start, run, type services.msc, and have a look at all the services that run. you don't need a lot of these, so you can disable some. disable things like:

System restore - this takes extra hard drive space and CPU time, and if you get a virus, system restore often makes a backup copy of it along with a lot of your files. doing this makes it hard to get rid of the virus. your computer will run better without it

Messenger: just a program which lets you send or recieve messages over a network. it is often more annoying than useful, and most people who use it just abuse it anyway.

Indexing Service: while this promises to speed up disk access, it actually slows down your computer.

Help and Support: this actually does very little to help people

Machine Debug Manager: programs that it tries to debug after crashing, still end up crashing anyway, so there is no point in having it on

Remote Access: unless you'll be using this (which most people don't) you don't need it

Themes: this is just the service for the windows themes.

Windows Firewall: this firewall is not very good, and hackers will easily be able to exploit its weaknesses.

Smart Card: you don't use smart cards do you?

Fast User Switching: when you "switch user" instead of "log off" it means your username is still open, but another user can still use the computer. this slows your computer down a lot.

you can also speed up your startup time by doing this (for XP Pro only):
make a new text file and put this line in it:
del "C:\windows\prefetch\ntosboot*" /q

then click save as, select all file types and call it ntosboot.bat
save it into root C:

then go to start, run and type gpedit.msc
go to computer configuration, Windows settings, and on the right go to scripts (startup/shutdown) then go to shutdown, and click add, and add the ntosboot.bat that you've created

if you want this script to delete temporary files too, you can add these lines to it:
del "C:\documents and settings\*\local settings\temporary internet files\*\*"
del "C:\documents and settings\*\local settings\temporary internet files\index.dat"
del "C:\documents and settings\*\local settings\temp\*"
del "C:\Windows\temp\*"

there are probbably more I know of that I can't remember right now

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