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Default How to raise FSB

I posted a topic on how to overclock, and all i got was a useless link to a thread. I know what to do to overclock, but I don't know how to get to that part.

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First off, you need a board that will let you overclock. What is the brand and model #?

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How about you post in correct sections such as 'Overclocking'..
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The reason why you got a useless link was because you posted with the question "how to overclock" therefore you were directed towards the answer.

If you don't know a simple task such as entering the bios I doubt you'll have any clue of knowing what to do when in the bios. Anyways, when you turn on your computer it should say something like "press DEL to enter setep". Since you claim to be so confident with what to do I won't elaborate from there...
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Alright good, assume I don't really care if you feel so threatened
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if you have an old motherboard, quite often you'd need to set jumpers.
if it is a jumpered board, it will have the settings written on it next to the CPU.

I wouldn't recommend it if you really don't know a lot about PC's
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I would also like to know how to raise the FSB so I can use ddr500 or ddr600 ram, my mobo is

can some tell me or link me to the right place to learn. Thanks
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First off you want to find the highest your CPU can actually go without the ram interfering. To do so you have to set the ram to the lowest possible speed, which is 100MHz or 200MHz as opposed to 200MHz and 400MHz effective. You might be thinking to yourself what does this have to do with anything? Well it has a lot to do with everything. Your ram is rated to run at 200MHz or 400MHz effective and it runs at a 1:1 with your CPU's HTT. This means that every time your raise the HTT frequency the ram frequency goes up. For example if everything is running at stock speeds (200:200) and you put the HTT up say 5MHz to 205 the ram follows at 205. The ram usually maxes out before the CPU ( in general, there are exceptions) and this is why you set it super low. The objective of this is to have the most efficient overclock possible. Say your CPU's HTT can go up to 265 but your ram maxes out at 245, you miss that much of an overclock. So now with the ram running at 100MHz and the HTT running at 200MHz you can put the HTT frequency all the way up to 300MHz knowing that whenever it doesn’t post it’s your CPU and not your ram.

So to overclock your CPU you raise the HTT frequency slowly in 1-5MHz increments and adjust the voltage accordingly. You also have to adjust your HT frequency. You calculate the HT frequency by multiplying the HT frequency by the HTT frequency. You want to keep it as close as possible to 1000. At stock, 5 X 200 = 1000. You usually have a little bit a leeway like 1150 but not much more.

So now that you’ve found your max CPU speed you want to find out just how far your ram goes. Let’s say your CPU’s HTT maxed out at 270. We now know that, so let’s start overclocking with the ram at 200MHz. Again do it in only 1-5MHz adjusting the ram voltage accordingly. Adjust everything that has to do with the CPU like you did before. For example you had to raise the voltage to 1.425V when the HTT hit 230. You do that until you have found your max ram STABLE ram speed. So let’s say your ram maxes out at 235MHz but your CPU’s HTT can go all the way up to 270. What do you do now? You use a ram divider.

A ram divider is simple. It run’s your ram at a slower speed just like we did at the beginning. So now at this point setting the ram at 166MHz would be your best bet. So now the ram is running at 166MHz and your HTT is at 200MHz. So when you put your HTT frequency at 205 your ram will be running at 171MHz. So now when you set your HTT at 269 your ram will run at 235MHz. That is the most efficient overclock you can get.

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aight ive been reading so if you set your ram to 100 wouldnt your cpu need to be a 100 (i have never overclocked cpu and ram learning)
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Most boards will allow you to overclock either directly or indirectly...
By setting frequency directly which will set the voltage or playing with voltage settings under power management...

Anyways....teams of engineers spent their saturday nights figuring out how to clock a specific piece of hardware so it will work universally.

By overclocking, you are making some processes run faster while others to run slower.
By overclocking you are esentiall forcing your machine to be a risc style cpu where complex processes are take much long due to clock inefficiency and forwarding/prediction logic...

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