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Default Help plz any advise will help OVERCLOCKING????

Ok to start off here are the specs on my computer.

-gigabyte k8 triton series nForce 3 mobo
-amd athlon 64 3200+
-1 GB of ddr400 ram
-ATI (abit) radeon x800
-SATA 120 GB maxtor HDD

Now i have a couple questions. First off when i go into my bios i go to frequency settings it says my cpu clock ratio is set on auto but u can change in ecriments of .5 from 5 to 25. And my clock speed is set at 200mhs. and amd athlon 64 3200 default clock speed is 2.29 gh now if it was does it achieve this by multiplying clock speed and cpu clock ratio.

Also i would like in detail if possable how to overclock my system and programs (if there are any) to check stabability of my system after overclocking. i just made this cumputer less then a month ago and dont want to risk destroying by just trying it out myself with not much info on it. i mean i know some basic facts of Overclocking but not the major for my cpu.

If u have experience of overclocking of an amd plz answer as good as u can. any help is greatly appreceated. thank you in advance for any advise.

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I am not completely experienced myself, but I can give some hints that will help.

First off to overclock you wanna change the CPU FSB. Athlon made the processors so the multiplier can not really be increased I do believe. The ratio that you are talking about I believe is either the multiplier, or the ratio between the RAM speed and the CPU clock speed.

Also, when you overclok, eventually you may want to increase the voltages supplied to the CPU. Another thing to note is that the HT frequency may have to be lowered. I was not able to overclock mine until I lowered the HT frequency from x5 to x4.

One more tip. If you have dynamic overclocking you will want that disabled, and I believe you'll also want Cool'N'Quiet disabled if that is also on there. I'll let somebody else expand on this.

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Well before you do anything, your going to want to find out all your temps. Room/cpu/mobo/case temp. I would also get some sort of cooling system. Rather its liquid cooling, or a damn good heatsink/cpu fan. But your going to need some sort of hardware to OC.

Because you want to have the best temp, so you dont burn your system up. For a safe OC, i suggest getting some sort of cooling system.
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I have had nothing but problems when overclocking that chip, and my setup is very similar to yours. OC the FSB to get the best results, but just make sure you lock the speed of the AGP bus or you could damage your X800.
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yeah, the pci/agp bus is a real problem when overclocking.
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Its really quite simple. Just go into the Setup (Delete, or one of those F-keys, depending on your motherboard & BIOS, during boot to gwet in). And change the FSB multiplier. Just do it slowly. Cause i almost f'd up doing mine.

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