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Old 01-29-2005, 10:54 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Help Choosing Hardware

Ok im trying to build a computer, but my knowledge on hardware is patchy at best. Im using the website which has an online ordering form where you can choose everything you would like.

I need to know what sort of case, motherboard, and power supply to get, as i know nothing about any of those. Any other suggestions or improvements are very welcome. But i dont wish to spend any more than $2100 if possible.

This is what i have so far:

Intel Pentium 4 540 -3.2Ghz - (800FSB/LGA775/1MB Cache) - $350
512M DDR PC3200 400Mhz Generic - $115
Western Digital 80G 7200RPM ATA-100 (WD800BB) - $89
LG GSA-4160BB 16X +/- Dual Layer DVD Burner OEM - $109
17" Philips 170S5FG (Beige) - $450
Logitech X-220 32W RMS 3 Piece Speaker - $65
D-Link DFE-530TX - $28
Creative Sound Blaster Live! Digital Entertainment 5.1 (Special Edition) - $55
Logitech Internet Desktop Keyboard + Optical Mouse Bundle OEM - $49
1.44Mb 3.5" ALPS Floppy disc drive - $15
Total - $1814

(those prices are in AUD by the way)

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Intel C2D E6320 / AMD Athlon X2 3800+
Gigabyte 965P DS3 / DFI nF4 Ultra-D
2GB OCZ Gold PC2-6400 / 2GB OCZ Gold PC4000
eVGA 8800GTS 320MB / eVGA 6800GS 256MB
150GB Raptor / 74GB Raptor
2x500GB / 320GB
OCZ GameXStreme 850w / OCZ StealthXStream 600w
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Those are all nice products, unfortunately getting a hold of them through an Australian site is a bit more difficult. And they are quite expensive. Anyone know anything a bit cheaper?

I think i could get the power supply and motherboard if there weren't any alternatives but i cant find anywhere selling that case.
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Default Re: Help Choosing Hardware

Originally posted by 706
Intel Pentium 4 540 -3.2Ghz - (800FSB/LGA775/1MB Cache) - $350
Do you do more gaming or graphic design/random heavy load programs?
If you are a gamer I suggest you go with an AMD and choose a slower processor. These 2 changes will free up cash for you to put towards a higher-end graphics card, which is really where the quality of your computer will be seen.
Get yourself a 2.8-3GHZ P4 if you're not a big gamer, and if you are, an AMD 64 2800 or 3000, which you can overclock if you get better-than-stock cooling. I am currently looking for a better CPU cooler right now since my 64 3000 is running hot with stock cooling, so I have to get back to you if you're interested in that.

512M DDR PC3200 400Mhz Generic - $115
Bad RAM sucks! I don't know if this is bad, but just to be safe I would stick with the known products-
Kingstong, Corsair, Mushkin, and OCZ's El Platinum or Gold versions.
You're buying an old old vid card which only has the advantage of 256mb of RAM...currently a useless thing. Think of it like having a lawnmower with a huge gas tank.
Get yourself a 9800 Pro by Sapphire or ATI (128mb), or a 6600 GT by eVGA. If you want to go up to the next level of graphics cards, which I highly recommend doing, get the eVGA 6800 GT ($400 USD) which you can overclock to the 6800 Ultra's speeds. ($600 USD).
Western Digital 80G 7200RPM ATA-100 (WD800BB) - $89
If your budget can afford it get the 10,000 RPM "Raptor" version, and NO MATTER WHAT get a Serial-ATA (SATA) style drive. It requires a little extra work to set up, but it's significantly faster than regular ATA drives. Seagate also makes good SATA drives which are known for being quiet, but are 7200RPM and thus slower.
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Gigabyte GA-7DX(R) DualBIOS/A-bit KV8-Pro
AMD Duron 1.313GHZ/AMD 64 3000+ 2.0 GHZ
512 DDR266/1024 OCZ DDR (3200)
Chaintech GeForce 3 128mb/eVGA 6800GT 256mb
400 watt Powmax/530 watt Fortron
40.9GB 94098U8/80gb SATA
Maxtor DiamondMax/Seagate Barricuda
AOpen KF45A modded case
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hmm I just built a new system like a week ago, its in my sig..
it cost me 1800 with monitor which was like 500bux and mx duo which was another 150 but not including case which was 200bux.. im from aus too btw so this is AUD im talkin in..
I got it cheap coz i know a pal in the business who could cut a nice deal but u could easily get what I've got + some for 2100... Stick with pentium.. people here are biased to both amd and pentium so its not the best place to ask which cpu to get
Get more RAM, a 2x 512 generics will cost u 200
go for the 6600GT.. no point in buyin last years cards

if u want more info or want me to put u through to some suppliers, just PM me and ill help u out
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don't buy from cworld go cpl they are way better. i just got my system including a 17"crt lg flat moniter for 1620 including assebly.
AMD 64 939 3200+@2.7ghz
Segate 120gig SATA
1gig PC3200 Geil Value Ram Duel Channel@ddr480 3-3-3-8
Gigabyte 6600GT-PCI-E@580/1.3
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mine was 1700 w/out windoze
Amd 64 3500+
eVGA 6800GT
1 gig of Corsair ram
MSI K8N Neo2 Nforce 3 Ultra Mobo
NEC 3500a 16x +/- DVD-RW
Lite-on 52x CD RW
70 dollar case
60 dollar psu
Logitech MX Duo
and a 250 NEC Suprebright DIAMONDTRON :P 19 CRT monitor
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I took a look at CPL, they're prices are a bit cheaper but only by about $10 on a few things. The problem is that they are in the city, computer world have a store not far from here where i can get my stuff nice and easy.

I think i will replace the Hard Drive with a SATA, and the RAM i'll change to a Kingston, neither of those will be a large dollar difference.

As for the graphics card I went with the SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON 9600XT Atlantis 256MB DDR because it was cheap. Im not looking for the latest and best graphics card available, just something that will run some average games and last me for a little while. The only other one i can see myself getting is the SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON 9800SE Atlantis 128MB DDR. But i would prefer something with 256 RAM.

Unfortunately i still need help in choosing a power supply, case and motherboard, though i have been advised by a friend to simply go to a store, tell them what i've got, and ask them what i would be best off to buy. There is of course always the chance of getting screwed over.

If i can choose the whole lot from computer world and keep it under 2100 or 2200 i can then start looking around for better places to get the same hardware cheaper. Such as the local computer market.
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You can't judge a Graphic's Card off how much RAM it has.
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no u cant because almost all games run fine with 128 except at like 1600 x XXXX res. the 9600 will be fine for low to medium games but if u gonna play half life 2 or doom 3 consider upgrading.


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