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Tyler1989 12-30-2005 12:04 AM

GPU Stress test
Prime 95 = CPU Stress test got it but is there anything for the GPU?

Sprooty 12-30-2005 12:41 AM

run 3D mark 05 with AA and AF on full.. continually for awhile.

BandwidthHogg 12-30-2005 12:47 AM

I always use 3dMark05 for this.

This is also an excellent program for stress testing.

003 12-30-2005 12:53 AM

Re: GPU Stress test

Originally posted by Tyler1989
Prime 95 = CPU Stress test got it but is there anything for the GPU?
This is a little OT, but if you want an even more stressful test for your CPU, try S&M. It gets my CPU 8c hotter than prime. Get it here:

you'll have to scroll down a bit to find it, or search for it.

Tyler1989 12-30-2005 01:09 AM

No thanks I'm already in a panic after Prime got me to 50 C it's time to buy better fans no question about it but now I want to see if the GPU is in danger.

Thanks I'll try 3Dmark05 I just hope it runs on a 64 bit OS didn't mention it would in the requirements downloading now.

003 12-30-2005 01:16 AM

S&M got me up to 59C, Prime got me to 51C :)

Tyler1989 12-30-2005 01:17 AM

So am I crazy or is that the "OMFG YOUR PROCESSOR WILL DIE TEMP".

003 12-30-2005 01:23 AM

It would be very hard to kill the CPU with heat alone, as the computer would shut off automatically before it got anywhere near hot enough to kill it. Usually, you want to stay under 60c, but if you go a little over it's not going to hurt anything. Now if your CPU gets to 60c on 24/7 settings then you have a problem and you need better cooling. But if it gets that hot with a very stressfull program like Prime95 or S&M, it's not really bad. Voltage is the real killer, not heat.

Tyler1989 12-30-2005 01:30 AM

I see I still view 120 F/50C as too hot though and will be at least buying non stock fans. as for the GPU I think i'm covered having the video cards exhuast fan being fed right into an exhuast expansion bay fan taking it out of the case.

GPU stress temp test is: will be edited in later

lazerman 12-30-2005 08:52 PM

I use Aquamark for my GPU stress testing....

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