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akasixcon 04-04-2010 03:48 PM

GPU Overclock: ATI 4850 Crossfire?
I have a few questions regarding overclocking.
- currently using this build
- i want to overclock my GPU
- I am using the Overdrive built in my ATI Catalyst
- I incremented every 5mhz on the card and got into 700 Core Clock and 1150 before "failing"
- problem is that i ran SC2 using the settings above and my framerate dropped to 0 and my computer just froze and having odd colors such as blue and it just messed up
- i had to restart and un-overclock my gpu
- do i overclock 2 gpus or just 1 on my main display?
- any reason it did this?

yzmxer608 04-04-2010 09:35 PM

Re: GPU Overclock: ATI 4850 Crossfire?
If it crashed like that and you got artifacts (the weird colors or shapes) your clock is too high. You want to increment your clock from stock, then stress test at each increment. When you start seeing the artifacts or if you get a crash lower the clocks a tad until you don't see them anymore.

You want to OC both cards, since they are working together.

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