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Default got an idea... tell me if it will work....

Alright, I just put in my new Zalman HSF. Well, the only reason I knew I needed a new HSF is because I was talking about overclocking my comp to someone and they asked what my temp was. I dowloaded speedfan and told them the temp (it was avergin around 70 celcious).
and they freaked out saying "omg get this" so I did. I put it in and it my idle temp went down to 56. Then in the other forum about hardware trouble shooting, someone posted the idea of putting a box fan right behind your comp on the highest setting. So I did that also. My current Temps are
Temp2 (CPU): 50
All of those are in Celcious and yes, putting a boxfan on the highest setting right behind my pc lowered it 6 degrees..

I came up with the idea of making a funnel out of cardboard or something to point ALL of the boxfan's air in ONE spot... so it would look like a sidewards V point towards my computer with ALL of its air blowing in there. I figured this might get my temp down to like 30-35 degrees.

Have any of you ever done this or heard of people who have?... I would like to overclock and I think this would be the perfect FREE cooling for it!

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First off, speed fan is known for being ridiculously wrong in temperatures....I highly doubt your CPU was truly running at 70C....have you checked what it's running in the BIOS?

Chances are your temps werent that bad to begin with.

Second....if you would beed to either just have your sidepanel off or have a ridiculous amount of exhaust, because that boxfan pushing in that much air with little exhaust would be wasteful...all that air needs somewhere to go.

Lastly, I wouldn't use that as a permanent experiment as that'll be pushing ridiculous amounts of dust into your system.....if you want to cool the CPU, you should somehow jerry rig the funnel to blow directly onto the CPU as for it just going straight into the case I don't think will give you that 20C you're apparently looking for

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Go here- -and download Motherboard Monitor. Let it tell you your temps.

I gotta agree with Nubius on this one.

Installing an exhaust fan, and possibly an intake fan, should knock off a few degrees.

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forgot to add the 80mm fan im putting parrallell to the cpu..
how much would that cool it off??
and Nub, i have checked it with two programs. Hardware monitor and speedfan. I've also went to the bios to see the temp and it doesnt say in there.
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Dose your computer have a case fan in the back? Because if it dose its probably blowing air OUT and then you have a big *** box fan fighting it trying to blow air IN. And I agree with Nubius, a box fan isnt a permanent cooling solution... Get a fan or two in the front of your case sucking air in and a 120mm or a couple 80's or something in the back sucking air out, and get rid of that F*ing box fan...

Or atleast take the side of the case off and just set the box fan right next to the side of the computer, then it will blow over everyting in the case... Setting a box fan behind your case just dosnt make any sense.
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Theres a little spot for an 80MM fan... thats how the fan air was getting in there...

when i get home though im taking the side panel about half way off and setting it up like that
and yes nub... i know its not a perminant (spling?) cooling solution but it will work till i get an extension cord for my fan...
The only place to hook up a case fan on my comp is the bottomg right hand corner of the mother board and it wont fit anywhere...

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