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Default GFX Problems

ok, so im so proud of myself for building my first computer. It runs MOH:AA on top specs. I decided to try and softmod my vid card to try Doom 3, but it didn't seem to work. So i tried to OC it by using RadLinker, which came with the Omega drivers i downloaded to attempt the softmod. I oc'd it too much a few times but just restarted my computer and booted it back to the BIOS settings. I OC'd it too much again, but when i restarted my computer everything was mucked pretty bad ( broken landscapes, chequerboard effect) So feeling suicidal, that i had destryoed my work, i removed the vid card rebooted and it was fine (breathe a sigh of relief) i uninstald the Omega drivers, then re-inserted the vid card, then installed the original drivers. But there were resolution and colour problems with MOH:AA, so i uninstalled the origigal drivers and re-installed the Omega Drivers, and everythong works fine. Although Doom 3 runs appallingly, i even turned it down to 640xwhatever and it still ran really really bad. I then re-reinstalled the origianal drivers, and put the vid card to optimal perfromance on OpenGL and DirectX, it ran a bit better, so tried optimal quality, and it ran the same as optimal perfromance.

Have i damaged my vid card, or is my system just not up for running D3?, i have Omega Drivers installed at the moment. I've been told to install the updated drivers off the ATI site, and download the Win Update SP2 pack, but i havnt got he net on it yet.

AMD Sempron 2500+
ASRock K7S41GX Motherboard
1gb DDR Ram (PC2700)
80gb SGB Hard Drive(OS)
40gb Maxtor Hard Drive
PNY GeForce 6600GT AGP 128MB
5.1 Creative Surround Sound System
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I did a thing very simmilar to this on a 9200SE

I had this card for a while from my parents, and I tried omega drivers and overclocking. It was slightly better than my mx-440.

Ended up semi frying the card, and i put it back in their PC. They have yet to ever use a 3d application, so it's gaven them no problems.

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I have no idea how you can just OC to much, but that many times... You have to take it slow, and understand what your doing man. But Doom 3, this game demands the best video cards. So your deal with Doom 3 sounds normal.
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I highly recommend you overclock with ati-tool. It has a moving image that displays the fps and it actually goes up when you oc. If you start to oc too high you would see artifacts in the spinning square. As for you video card. You may have knocked it out for the count :-(
If you ever have any questions feel free to email me at, I will send you back an email as soon as possible.
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