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Old 10-09-2005, 09:21 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Game performance issue... :(


I just put together a new gaming system last week. System seems stable so far but I am having one really annoying problem that is affecting my games. This is what happens and it occurs in both World of Warcraft, Halflife 2 and Battlefield 2. I will be playing the game like normal and at random the system will lock up with the mouse and game frozen for 10 - 20 seconds while it is stuck the sound will just stutter / repeat itself in a loop sounding very annoying. After the 10-20 seconds the game continues from where it left off. I end up dying during this freeze I know that the in game settings isn't too high since I tried changing settings to quite a few variations and the problem still occurs while gettin 100 fps in them. The games have the latest patches.


MSI K8n NEO4 Mobo
1 Gig Corsair Ram
300 Gig SATA MAxtor HD
256mb XFX GF 7800GT
A64 3500+
500 Watt Ultra X-connect PSU

So here is what I've tried so far.

1) Well first thing I did was reinstall difference.

2) I thought it may have been the video card drivers so I used driver cleaner and removed the latest drivers I had installed, tried the drivers that came with the card on cd, no difference. I then tried some optimized beta drivers from and same problem so I don't think the drivers are the problem.

3) Neither processor nor video card is overclocked.

4) I tried different benchmarks and stress programs such as Performancetest,Burnintest and Everest. The infomation I got seems right and the stress/benchmarks showed no errors in their tests. I also ran memtest and no errors...
Aren't these voltages good?

Motherboard 43 °C (109 °F)
CPU 46 °C (115 °F)
Aux 35 °C (95 °F)
GPU 55 °C (131 °F)
Maxtor 6L300S0 39 °C (102 °F)

Cooling Fans:
CPU 2109 RPM
North Bridge 6027 RPM

Voltage Values:
CPU Core 1.48 V
+3.3 V 3.36 V
+5 V 5.11 V
+12 V 12.22 V
+5 V Standby 5.11 V
VBAT Battery 3.09 V

5) I tried disabling write combining under troubleshooting in the display control luck.

6) Ok so I have corsair memory with a latency of 2.5-3-3-6 went into the bios and changed it to correspond with these specs... cas, ras, row and min ras# in that order right?

7)Ok so I then tried disabling the sound in the bios but I still had the problem. I then tried removing the audio and ethernet drivers and installed a linksys pci ethernet card and a soundblaster live sound card. Installed their drivers but no change with the problem.

8) Took out one stick of ram thinking maybe it was that but I had the same problem. Made sure they were seated properly in the right slots.

So I am asking for any suggestions on other things I can try. I don't think any part is defective since I have not gotten any problems in regular windows use such as browsing the web or burning dvd's. Also the stress tests and benchmarks don't fail. I was wondering are 59 C ok temperatures for my GPU and CPU while games are running? I have also tried leaving my case open I still get the problem.

I was also wondering are there any other settings I can check in the BIOs that may help with this?

Finally the games give this problem even with nothing running in the background as I have even tried disabling most services in windows to see if this was what was causing it. Firewall and Antivirus disabled.

Sorry for the long post guys but I have been trying to figure this one out and nothing seems to be working

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Could it be your internet? I have wireless internet, and I hate it. I have the same problem you do while gaming, except not for 10-20 seconds... that's a little odd. Mine only lags for a second or two. When I browse the internet, the connection is fine, but wireless internet doesn't like gaming for some dumb reason.

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Hmm no I am connected via ethernet dsl. It is strange as my other older pc does not have this problem.
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Old 10-10-2005, 04:46 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Try benching your hard drive to see if there are any problemed spots.

Use HDTach - I think its but I'm not sure
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Old 10-10-2005, 06:23 PM   #5 (permalink)
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Possibly the power supply is crapping out.

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Ok what can I use for a power supply test

No problems when running prime 95 or memtest overnight...
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XFX video card?

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What's wrong with xfx? My xfx clocks like hell and does his job very well.
Ot: what are your scores in 3dmark 2003 or 2005? Installed chipsetdrivers?
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I have seen this many times before.

I really dont know what the problem is, but I know you arent alone at all.
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Hmm, isn't that motherboard temperature a little high?

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