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Everything is stock on it, just used AS5 and the AC unit right beside it, and yea i noticed there was a little water build up when it started to get cold in there but once it got cold inside and outside it dryed up. And ill look at everest

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Originally posted by charles_scott
And core center dont lie when its updated and the bios is flashed....
Oh really?

I've got MSI's bloody application on 3 machines, and despite being fully updated (at least as far as their update utility can tell), none of the installations can report proper temperatures, fan speeds, nor can they keep the proper FSB speeds boot to boot. It's cloogy, and annoying.

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you have to think of it this way....

Nothing producess water vapor.
Water vapor is always surounding us in the atmosphere. The humidity level is how saturated the air is with Vapor. It can be 'cold\dry' or 'hot\dry' or 'cold\wet' or 'hot\wet', the only difference is, that Hot air has the potential to carry more Vapor then Cold air. Vapor turns into water by condensation caused by changes in temperature.
So the Cold outlet(evap core) on the A/C is a natural Dehumidifyer. Once the air hits the Cold outlet, it condenses into water droplets on the 'evap core' and is then dripped out threw the bottom of the A/C, were ever the hole maybe for it to exaust water.
So the only thing exiting the A/C is cold/dry air. So if you have the A/C blowing into the side of your computer case. The air inside the case will be Cool/Dry, but the air outside the Case will be Warm/Wet. So if the PC Case gets colder then the outside air, Vapor can start condensing on the outside of the case, not inside.
If you have the A/C blowing on the outside of the PC Case, its the oposite. Vapor from the Air can start Condensing on the inside, not the outside.
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Everest is showing exactly what Core Center is showing... And core center dont lie when its updated and the bios is flashed....
you should probably check it with Motherboard Monitor 5, not everest.

MBM5 show's all your temp sensors, and allows you to specifiy with one is your CPU, or vise-versa with different sensors. That way you can be sertain that its not just a wrong Guess by the porgram.

EDIT: your CPU temp is always higher then ambient temp, and will steadily rise when you run Prime95. and steadily fall when Prime95 stops.
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