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bmxfreakrider 09-09-2006 12:14 PM

finally got some plexiglass(or accrilic)
k. i found this peice of whatever(its clear, and would be good for case mod) but, its got some scratches. is there any way i can get those scratches off, and make it clear?(like really fine sandpaper, or a lighter or something?) im about to mod an old case that im doing nothing with, gonna put a window on it, neon under the bezel, drill some holes for a fan on the front, then im gonna get all new internals. for internals, i need ps, mobo, cpu and ram, but i got a budget of 200 or so...any sugestions?

Sui 09-09-2006 01:23 PM

think you can just use polish to get small ones out, but if they're too deep then probably just live with it, or don't use that part.

CrazeD 09-09-2006 01:26 PM

You can flame polish it. Get a really hot flame, like a propane/butane torch, and rub it across the spot in rapid strokes. Don't hold it still too long or it will start to melt.

bmxfreakrider 09-09-2006 01:28 PM

hmm, dont got ne of those, but i got an acetaline torch for welding, that work? i think its too hot tho, ittl melt a metal hanger pretty fast. what about a regular cigeratte lighter? i use that for polishing some dress shoes. ill get a pic of the plexi and wat its gonna go on in a lil bit, gotta find some AA's for the cam

CrazeD 09-09-2006 01:40 PM

lol, I think an acetaline would work if you kept a pretty good distance.

The lighter may work, try it and see.

bmxfreakrider 09-09-2006 01:42 PM

yea i just did...i did it on the surface scratches, like the ones ud find on a cd, and it cleared up a lil, left that black **** behind, and where i held it too long, it in a min, found batts. also would bleatch or ammonia or something acidic work? i might try it on my stove...

bmxfreakrider 09-09-2006 02:31 PM

pics woulda been better, but the batts r dead, so it wont flash

bmxfreakrider 09-09-2006 02:33 PM

well, im gonna gut the case, and start on the neon on the front, be back a lil later with some new pics and batteries

joshd 09-10-2006 04:11 AM

hmm looks interesting. should be good to see a modded HP

bmxfreakrider 09-10-2006 11:46 AM

yep. i put a neon string light under the front blue bezel(neon purple) and today im gonna get some batteries, then i gotta get my dads dremil, and start cutting the side panel open for the window. i got another sheet of plexi, but it was being used as a table protector, its about 30"*20". ill check that out. and also, hp is stuk up about fans, and u have to use this peic of plastic that holds the fan on the inside back, and i lost that peice, so im gonna drill some holes for a 120mm fan there. i dont got ne more fans here, but im thinking about putting a blowhole on it, but i dont got a grill, plus i would have to go thru the steel, and thru the plastic top part. ill get a front shot of the case on here in a few.

EDIT: almost forgot, i got a blueish neon stick, it might be a lil big for this case tho....ill just have to tak those big plastic endcaps off and cover it with hot glue.

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