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Default Fan question

okay I have 3 fans that were put into my case 2 blowing air out and one on the side of the plexi glass taking air in. My temperatures, according to AIDA32:

MOBO - 46
CPU - 51

After playing Far Cry, the temperatures rise somewhere near 56 or so for the cpu. I know that has to be bad. So in order to solve this problem I was thinking about putting some more 80mm fans. The problem is I don't think I have anywhere to put them or anymore wires or whatever coming from the psu. Do you all have any advice?

My System Specs:
Raidmax Scorpio 868 with 420w psu
Intel Pentium-4 Processor 3.0ghz CPU
512K Cache, 800MHz FSB, Hyper Threading Ready
Cooler Master Jet 4
Albatron PX865PE PRO II i865PE Chipset
512 MB Dual Channel [256MB X2] DDR-400 PC3200
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro @ 438/243
Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit advanced HD
Maxtor 120 GB - 7200 RPM
Seagate 80 GB - 7200 RPM
16x DVD 52X32X52 cd-rw
Cooler Master Musketeer System Controller
Logitech MX Duo
Rock Chalk Jayhawk
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get a 5.25 inch bay fan or a card for one of the ports in the back of the computer if you don't have any room for regular fans. if you get either of those, set it to exhaust. try playing around with the fans you have now, switch the intake to exhaust, etc. you may need a better heatsink or heatsink fan. I would recommend the sp-94, but it's 50 bucks. you may also want to look into water cooling to cool the entire system (an external water cooler). or you can just do what i'm going to do, and get a gigantic desk fan, leave the case open, and have it blow in air constantly. hopefully this will be an inexpensive way to overclock the hell out of everything, i'm going to put small heatsinks on everything from my vid card to my ram.

after takjing a second look at your temps, your sensors are probably innaccurate, i have a crappy heatsink with thermal tape between it and the cpu for god's sake, and the temperature of the cpu is 41 when idle, the mobo is 25 max

<font size=1 color=red>
<b>Main System</b>
-Mach Speed X-Caliber PT800DBP Mobo (POS!!)
-Pentium 4 3.0C at stock w/ SP-94 & YS Tech Fan
-Thermaltake 420 Watt Power Supply
-Kingston 512 MB Dual Channel PC3200
-512 MB Kingmax Hardcore PC4000
-GeForceFX 5200 128MB AGP Card | Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS
-WD Caviar SE 160GB HD 7200 RPM/8 MB/ATA-100
-Nec DVD Burner, 32x16x40 CD-RW, 8x4x12x DVD±RW</font>
<font size=1 color=black>
<b>Dell XPS T700r</b>
-PIII 700Mhz | 20GB Maxtor | 384 MB SDRAM | NEC DVD-ROM | 32MB NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model64
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those are pretty high...but not high enough to cause any damage

when the cpu hits 65 then you can start worrying about damage

mine are (overclocked to 2.2 from 2.0Ghz)

mobo-33 load 39

cpu - 36 load up to 52 in UT2004 with all settings on highest

at stock (2.0Ghz)

mobo -33 load 35

cpu - 35 load 42-45

i have 4 80mm fans(3 intake 1 exhaust), 1 120mm fan(exhaust), 1 pci slot fan(exhaust), 2 powersupply fans(1into the PS, and 1 out the back), my vid card fan, and the stock 3200+cpu fan. I have wires EVERYWHERE, so that really hurts airflow...i really need to organize that shiz.

in conclusion, ur temps are not too bad

Q6600 G0 @ 3.80ghz
MCR-320-->Dtek Fuzion V2-->Dtek Fuzion GFX2-->Swiftech MCP-655-->
Asus P5K deluxe
4x1gb Crucial Ballistix @ 846mhz 5-5-5-15
3x 250gb HDDs
Hiper 580w
Coolermaster 690 w/ water cooling mods
3dmark06 - 15,602
SuperPi 1M - 12.421s
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