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Default DIY - Vapochill - know any suppliers?


i'm thinking of making my own vapochill unit from parts but i'm having trouble tracking down certain parts. i've been going round in circles trying to find a compressor pump, but cheap (£50 / $100) and i'm also thinking about a heatsink / coldplate / decompression chamber (i will explain it a bit later) to have in contact with the cpu.

i really need sources for places that sell new parts (listed below)

the way the vapochill system works is like this (i think), but if you already know you can skip this bit

you have a closed loop, and in this loop you have a compressor, a 1 way valve that only opens when there is more than so much pressure on one side, and lots of copper tubing.
when you compress the gas (some sort of very thermally conductive gas) it heats up, just after the compressor you have several metres of copper tubing being cooled by air (or some other means), when the gas reaches the 1 way valve it should be a bit cooler (say 15'c cooler) than when it first entered the copper tubing, and when it goes through the valve into chamber (which would have a coldplate on the bottom) it then decreases in temperature by the same ammount that it heated up when compressed (immagine it was 20'c before compression, 45'c after compression, it was then cooled down to 25'c, then when it was decompressed it would go down to (20'c + 25'c - 15'c(how much it was cooled by) - 25'c (th temperature that it rose by when compressing) giving a final temperature of) 5'c

as you can see the cooling could be quite effective ( in fact given the right setup it could be EXTREMELY effective)

But, i don't want to shell out £400 ($750) for a cooling unit that is (how should i put it) not quiet , and most importantly not home made . But i would be willing to pay £150 and build my own cooling solution, all i need are the suppliers for the different parts.

i have a very specific design in mind for the decompression chamber / heatsink / coldplate, but i think i might be able to make / commision a frind to make me one

summary of the parts (i think) i would need are:
1 compressor pump, capable of producing 10psi of pressure (minimum airflow of 15 litres a min @ STP (standard temp and pressure)) and the pump would need 2 connection points to attach one of the metal braided pressure hoses, and the 10metres of copper tubing
1 power source to run the compressor pump (wether it be electrical or hamster driven )
10 metres of 10mm copper tubing that could be, or comes coiled up so as to conserve space in the case
2 x 1metre by 10mm lengths of metal braided pressure hose (capable of withstanding very low temps and fairly high pressure)
1 8psi 1 way valve
something to act as the decompression chamber / heatsink / coldplate (would need 2 points to connect the metal braided pressure hoses)
I have found a budget case on ebuyer for £9.39 ( $20) to house the tubing, compressor, and power source in, and i would be buying a few (laughs to self) fans to cool the copper tubing with.

if anyone knows of any good UK suppliers that sell any of the items listed above could they post their url's please

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thoughi dont know ne links i seriously dont recommend tryin sumtin like this because many of these units can get as low as -41 and that can harm you if it decides to burst in your face or sumtin. The creation of phase change coolers is a fine science which is one reson y they cost so much but if u know u have the know-how to make one i salute you.


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i have no idea about this subject, but if you ever finish please post pics and a guide either here or on your website... you could revolutionize the industry because people would start building there own instead of spending 800 on somethin like that.
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There was a link to a guide somewhere on here. I'll go find it real quick...

Here it is-
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