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StealthTools 10-06-2008 08:50 AM

An in-depth tutorial on Oc'ing
Links on the subject:
How to Overclock a PC - wikiHow
Beginners Guides: Overclocking the CPU, Motherboard and Memory -

I checked the tutorials section and I don't see one soo...

Would Tech-Forums like to give it's best shot at creating an in-depth guide to overclocking?; Featuring the basic and the intricate features of the BIOS and what these settings mean and how they apply to overclocking. A member could also show each step as they apply by overclocking their computer with screenshots and information.

I have been browsing many sites and not all of them have all of the overclocking information each of the others have... Why not make the best overclocking guide ever in Tech-Forum's name!

I could quote Tech-Forums as being a resource for my senior project and also post the guide on my Overclocking programming site.

With all of Tech-Forum's awesome overclockers, aren't there a few secrets within this site's depths?

I have a guide composed that I made for my senior project, It is just a general idea guide.. It tells about increasing FSB, Multiplier, and voltage as a general idea. It doesn't mention RAM or all of the other settings that make up most successful overclocks.

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