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gaara 05-24-2005 08:43 PM

Cooling mosfets
I'm a bit concerned with mosfets on the lanparty getting a wee bit too toasty with excess DIMM voltage, especially once the DIMM jumper gets changed, so I'm looking for ideas to cool them down.

I would usually just add a side panel fan blowing over them but they are positioned arkwardly on the board so shoot if you have bright ideas. If need be I'll hack my case up a bit and rig something up, depends on how much air circulation I got going.

Codeine 05-24-2005 08:56 PM

What works best for air cooling, is direct contact as you already know. I have no clue what case you have, so this might not work so well. But if you MOD a 120mm fan on your removable side panel, directly across from your DIMM's. You would have a perfect cooling solution. That fan would blow air striaght to your DIMM's without interference.

Nubius 05-25-2005 01:22 AM

get those little microsinks they are made for those things....but still theres plenty of people that have high *** overclocks without cooling those, also a lot of people just jerry rig fans blowing over them

Him 05-25-2005 11:18 AM

Like Nubius said, get those little microsinks.

I've read up on how imperitive it is to cool the mosfets when using a high overclock, as they do push alot of voltage and tend to get, as you put it, a little toasty. Possibly you could get some of those RAMsinks that they have out, the little single ones that you apply to the IC chips, and put those on the mosfets.

Happy? gotta find every little thing to bash me with, huh?

Majistic, cram it. Dont use me for the butt end of your jokes just so you can look good with Nubius.

Nubius 05-25-2005 03:39 PM


Get those little microsinks.
there an echo in here?

Him 05-25-2005 03:56 PM

Reierating, not echoing. People dont realize that to reiterate what someone just said, is to make the question asker feel better about the answer since he knows that more than once person recommends it. Simpole psychology.

Nubius 05-25-2005 04:27 PM

yeah, but it's odd how you decided to "reitterate" with the exact same opening sentence as I did instead of something like "yeah those will work nicely" hence my comment.....ECHO ECHo ECho Echo echo

gaara 05-25-2005 04:32 PM

Will look into finding those sinks, I think I'll leave the stock ones on for now and see how it goes, I'll have fair airflow anyways and my RAM fan will be just above the mosfets anyways so that should hopefully be enough, and I probably won't go beyond the predefined DIMM jumpers anyways...

Nubius 05-25-2005 05:03 PM

yeah, I forgot the DFI's tend to come with MOSFET coolers already....those are fine then, just get a fan to blow over them, I always see zip tied fans blowing above them, that's what I plan on doing that and a fan over my RAM as well.......but if anything you might get those microsinks simply to cover up the other mosfets and PLLs on the board that dont have anything on them

Codeine 05-25-2005 06:57 PM

Those little heatsinks should work ok, better with a fan working with them though. Personally, i really dont like heatsinks. I honestly think they are over rated. Not voting againts any of the suggestions, because they do help. But i do believe under certain condictions, they can create a negitive effect.

You know that Thermaltake tower 12, or other huge heatsinks. I understand that heatsinks channel heat away from the processor. But it needs some type of device to channel it completely away. So its not independent. They work good since they have small areas open, so the heat can radiate. Giving you the opportunity to vanish the radiation. But without propure cooling, the heat will conduct rite back into your heatsink, slowing down this process eminently. This happens alot if your system positioning is not near perfect. Not saying this is any liability to gaara, im well aware he's intelligent. Another thing, for these big heatsink's, it takes time for heat to distribute through. Lets say the processor is 55 degrees celcius, and the bottom of the heatsink is aswell. The core would be around 48 degrees celcius, while the very top is even cooler. Now pretend the processor gets hotter from more computing stress, lets say 61 degrees celcius. The temperature of the heatsinks symmetry vary's. Now lets jump to extreme conditions, so you can use your imagination. Pretend you have a 200 foot long poll. While one end is welded to a very hot machine, and the other is in a pool of water, which is 5 degrees celcius. Obviously the machines heat will not decrease, just certain areas of the poll will. Which the middle of the poll would be the amount of each ends temperature divided. Why does this not work? Because its so damn big, its just holding heat. Thats what heatsinks pretty much do, hold heat, and radiate a small amount. Thats just the way i think of heatsinks.

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