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Default Commercial 77 Bonne heater cores?

I know they make the 86 Chevette heater cores for PC water cooling use ( ), but does anyone make a 77 Bonne one? Picking one up at Autozone and modding my own is not a problem, the problem is time and a place to do it (now that I am back at school), just curious if anyone was commercial making 77 bonne heatercores for water cooling?

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yes there is.

A guy named "Weapon" over at

PM him with your zipcode and he'll give you an estimate on price after shipping.

You won't be able to see the info in the 'for sale section' where he has the info on his cores since you need like 100 posts to see it so heres the info:

Weapon 2-302 core
Overall Dimensions: ~12-3/8" x 5-5/8 x 2" with the tanks
Core Dimensions: ~10-3/4" x 5-5/8" x 2"
Dimensions with shroud & 38mm thick 120mm fans: ~12-3/8" (L)x 6” (w)(at the shroud mounting lip) x 5-3/8”(d)
Dimensions are approximate as there is slight variation in core sizes.
--Cleaned internally and externally
--Factory solder seams checked and tested
--Factory Fittings replaced with brass barbs [3/8”, ½” or 5/8” OD fittings] which are silver soldered in place. Silver soldering the fittings makes them basically non-removable (without a good deal of effort and a torch) but it also makes them 100% leak free. The solder that is used on the fittings is rated for 15,000 PSI on joints which is extreme overkill but it makes certain that they will not leak.
Note on fittings: If you are using Tygon or Clearflex, you can stretch the tubing over the next largest size barb with a little effort after wetting the inside of the tube and the outside of the fitting. This normally produces a little better flow through the core as the fitting will not be as restrictive. A ½” OD barbed fitting has an internal channel that is approximately 3/8” so it matches up with the ID of 3/8” tubing. On the other hand, it presents a restriction point if used with ½” ID tubing. A 5/8” OD barb has a ½” ID channel and works very well with ½” ID Clearflex or Tygon. My main system uses ½” ID tubing with 5/8” barbs on the core and it works very well. The 5/8” fittings are flow cannons.

--Stealth Black paint finish on the core – if desired, the fins can be left entirely unpainted or they can be lightly dusted with just enough color to make them appear painted. Dusting the fins just colors the edges of the fins with paint and so far as I can tell from testing has no adverse effect on cooling performance.

Weapon Shroud
--18 gauge steel
--CNC cut and bent
--Optimized fan cutouts for max flow with fans mounted in either push or pull configuration.
--Seam welded corners
--Welded in divider plate that makes the shroud dual chamber
--Mounting lip with 4 holes predrilled for 4-40 threaded rods
--Stealth Black powder coat finish
--Approximately 42mm of standoff between the face of the core and the fins
--Mounting hardware is not included at this time with shroud orders (sorry, still trying to work out a deal to supply the mounting hardware.)
Picture of usual mounting:
Note that clear acrylic was used to represent the case wall.

Required Mounting Hardware:
-- Four 4-40 threaded rods with two 4-40 nuts for each of the threaded rods. The length of the rods required depends on the number of shrouds on the core. With a single shroud, 3” rods will work, if there is a shroud on both sides of the core, 6” threaded rods are required.

--Fan mounting – 6-32 machine screws with nuts and washers. 1.75” machine screws will run through a fan grill, a 38mm thick fan and the shroud with some extra length to spare. A nut and washer are then added to the underside of the shroud to lock them in place.

Core and shroud images:
--Stealth Black Core and Shroud:

--Fan cutouts for maximum airflow from any 120mm fan:
Note that in the above image, the divider plate that splits the shroud into dual chambers was not installed.
--Custom Finished Blue Metallic Core and Shroud (custom finishes are +$10 over stealth black pricing – which covers the paint and the extra time involved):
--Stealth Black shroud:

302 Pricing:
--Weapon 302 Core (unpainted) fittings changed to brass barbs, cleaned and tested - $35 + S&H
--Weapon 302 Core, fittings modded, cleaned inside and out, metal prepped for paint, stealth black finish - $45 + S&H

302 Shrouds
--Weapon 302 shroud (stealth black)(does not include mounting hardware) - $28 + S&H

302 Core/Shroud combos
--Weapon 302 Core (unpainted), fittings changed to brass barbs, cleaned and tested w/ shroud (stealth black) and mounting hardware: $65.50 + S&H.
--Weapon 302 Core (stealth black) w/ shroud (stealth black) including all mounting hardware (for fans and shroud) - $75 + S&H
--Weapon 302 Core w/shroud, two San Ace 120mm fans (103cfm each), wire fan grills and all mounting hardware, assembled and tested = $91.00 + S&H. San Ace SOLD OUT again.)
--Weapon 302 Core w/shroud, two Delta VHE 120mm fans (129cfm each), wire fan grills and all mounting hardware, assembled and tested = $84.00 + S&H. (subject to fan availability - currently in stock)

Mounting Hardware
Four 4-40 threaded rods + nuts and washers for mounting the shroud $2.50 + S&H
Eight 1.75” 6-32 machine screws with washers and nuts for mounting fans to the shroud $1.50 + S&H

Fans (subject to availability)
San Ace 120mm x 38mm, 3 pin connectors, tested and lightly modded for improved performance – SOLD OUT.
Delta VHE 120 x38mm, 129cfm, 3 pin connectors, $4.50 each + S&H

Payment methods:
I accept payment via Paypal or money order.

Note on mounting hardware - we originally intended to include the mounting hardware with the shrouds but we realized that different mounting locations could require different hardware and it would be difficult to include all of the possible combinations of hardware at a reasonable price. Additionally, the mounting hardware is readily available and some might have the hardware already on hand so including the hardware would have unnecessarily increased the cost of the shroud. As such, we can provide mounting hardware with the shrouds at our cost but it is not included with the shrouds

I modded my own, but it looks nowhere even remotely close to as sexy as his not to mention you can get a nice custom CNC'd shroud with his

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Thank you very much for that information. I did see some of his posts over at xtreme but I did not know he was selling them. I would love to mod but own but my small dorm wouldn't work very well. Thanks again. Do you know roughly how long it takes for it?
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No clue...I originally was going to get one from him also, but I decided to simple spend around $35 modding my own compared to approx $85 that it woulda cost to get one from him...granted like I said his are UBER SEXAY compared to mine, and not only that comes with a great shroud, but yeah I just couldn't afford it at that time.

Just PM him and ask him...he might be busy in his daily life duties, or be backed up with orders or something like that so I couldn't tell you at all
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Will do then, thanks again.
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