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Default Case and Keyboard mod, Pics

I have permission to post more than 8 pics.

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my modded emachine. I wish I would have taken step by step pictures, But I didn't, So, O' well.....

This is what it looked like when I got it.

The next picture is the keyboard, Front panel, and the 2 pieces of Plexiglas that will cover the DVD drives.

I cut out the middle of the front panel, Then I flipped the 5" card reader panel upside-down and moved it from the middle to the bottom of the front panel. I used epoxy resin to glue it on, Then I took a piece of Plexiglas and epoxyed it on-top of the card reader panel. I countersunk the Plexiglas's 1/2" on the bottom where it meets the card reader panel, So it wasn't perfectly flat across the front of my case. I only used the Epoxy on the back, Then I used Bondo on the front of to tie it all together.

I never used the number keys on the right hand side of my keyboard, So.......I cut em' out. I used the plastic from a CD case(cuz it's thin) and epoxyed it to the bottom of the hole where the number keys used to be, Then I used Bondo to give the edges a nice rounded shape. I taped a piece of paper in between the two sheets of "chipboard contacts?" You know.....The thing under the keys that touch together when you push a key on your keyboard, Well.... the piece of paper separates that from happening.

I sanded it all down for what seemed to be a eternity, Then I sprayed it with 3 coats of primer. After that, I wet sanded it with 2,000 grit sandpaper. This is very important for a super smooth finish. Then I sprayed it with 4 coats of silver. I was going to use clear coat on it, But I really liked the satin silver look it had, So I kept it like that.

I used double sided tape to attach the Plexiglas pieces to my DVD drives to make them stealthed.
Behind the window on the front panel I made a cardboard backing like a picture frame has, So I can slip any picture, game book, or DVD book, in there It was hard to get a good picture of the front, It was either to bright and shinny from the reflection off the silver or to dark from no flash. I did the best I could, But I'm not a photographer.

I cut out the side panel window hole below the PSU and DVD drives so they wouldn't show, Then I stuck 2 fans and the power button on the Plexiglas.

This is the OEM/temporary power button, I made a little bracket out of Plexiglas to hold it in place. I am going to buy a fancy button next time I order some stuff from a computer store. I used a scrap piece of Plexiglas(its all scratch up) for the side window because I wanted to make sure I liked the positioning of the fans. As you can see I have to clean up and paint the side panel cut line.

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I thought my CPU heastsink fan was 60mm, So I bought a 60mm to 80mm fan adapter. Well.... I was wrong It must have been 70mm? So I took the old heat gun to it and pushed it over a soy-sauce bottle to open the hole up. It was a real pain to get the screw holes to line up.

I did get them to line up, There's only 2 screws holding the fan on the adapter, But I have all 4 holding the adapter to the heatsink.

Now this is something only a smoker/gamer would truly appreciate. I have died many times while gaming, fumbling around with my pack of smokes, This keyboard mod took care of that. or it could be used for a little note pad or something.........I need to get some clear tape to hold my wrist pad to my keyboard. The masking tape is just plain ugly.

This is what it looked like before I sleeved the wires but after I cut off all the sata and pcie wires. If you look close I had to cut off the mounting tab (next to the memory stick on the left) from my arctic silencer 5 because it was hitting a capacitor on my mobo, But that's OK because it's not going anywhere.



What do you guys think?

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very nice 10 out of 10 i like the Keyboard
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keyboard thing is cool, but I use my number pad quite often so I wouldn't get rid of I don't smoke
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Really cool one, never seen somone doing something like that to the keyboard & frontpanel.
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good work, loving the green theme and the lights in the dark.
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I'm impressed. Nice work. That'll be nice to look at compared to the old e-machines theme.


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Very nice. I like to see people modding standard cases like HP, Dell etc. It makes me laugh for some reason.
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no pics of keyboard/mouse
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Rite after I made the post, My cable TV and internet went out of service(dam u media com) I was just about to hook up my old dial-up, when the lights on my cable modem came alive! Woo Hoo its back on!!

Thanks for the complements guys, I really appreciate them

I'm glad non-smokers like the keyboard mod, also

I Didn't take a keyboard/mouse picture because I have a red Logitech MX510 mouse and It doesn't match the green/gray theme. I wanted to paint the mouse grey, But I thought the paint would just wear off after a while.

I just has a idea, What if I paint the mouse and put a piece of clear tape on the left and right buttons to protect them from gaming abuse, Do you guys think it's a good idea?

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