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Default Building a new PC, need some advice.

I've been wanting to build a new PC for a while now(1+ year), and my dad has offered to pay for it, seeing as I'm starting college this summer. I will be double majoring in computer programing and computer science.

I want to build a PC that will handle all of the programming that I'll be doing, but one that will also please my apetite for gaming. I mainly play MMORPG's, such as WoW and the likes. I also dabble in HL2 and other new 1st person shooters.

I have been searching for the best bang for the buck that I can find, seeing as I don't want to have my dad spend a fortune on a PC for me (He's already done enough). I want to keep it under 1k($US). This is what I've come up with:

(I already have a nice monitor, keyboard and mouse(Diamondback)
(NOTE: I plan to overclock my system to it's "almost" full potential)

CPU: A64 3500 939socket

Motherboard: I wanted to know if there are any mobo's that have the N4 chipset that support agp.

Graphics Card: 6800GT 256MB AGP (Not sure which brand to get)

Hard Drive: WD 250GB 7200RPM IDE ULTRA ATA100

CD:I already have a cd drive and a cd burner

DVD: I want to buy a burner, but I don't quite understand what the difference between dual and double formatting is. I will also probably get a regular DVD drive.

RAM: Another toughie, seeing as there are so many good brands out there, I thought that you guys could help.

Sound Card: If I can get a mobo that has the N4 chipset, and also supports agp, then I'll be happy with onboard audio. If not, then I think I'll get the CL Gamer card.

Case: Again, I don't know. I want a more professional look opposed to the crazy cold cathode lighted, port holed type of case. There are just so many brands I don't know which ones are the cheapos and visa-versa.

PSU: I don't know what a suitable wattage would be, or which is a good reliable brand.

Cooling: No clue whatsoever, don't even know where to begin.


I want to build a computer that will be able to play the latest MMORPG WoW, and also handle some intense computer programming sessions. Overclocking is on the itenterary. Keep in mind, I dont want to spend over 1k($US)
(I already have monitor and peripheals)


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u dont wana go over 1k but uve got a 6800gt down ?? thats no card for a 1000 system lol..

probly reduce to a 3200 + AMD and down to a 6600GT (will handle all games, including HL2 in MAX quality including AA)

ram, as ur overclocking, go for good ram, such as 1gb of GEIL pc3200 ddr400 ( bout 150 US )

what kind of programming are u doing , C++ and VB sort of programs or more advanced???? If ur going to be using a lot of those programs, u might be more suited to a pentium.. AMD r fine but lean more towards gaming performance than nething else. a 3.2 northwood or prescott would be more than enuf..

as for case, because of ur budget, just look @ SP's or so, look nice and are on the cheap. If ur go for the prescott then ur gona need good CPU cooling, a ZALMAN would be good, but as ur overcloking u might need to spend a bit more.

harddrive - u shouldnt need more than 250gig... programming can leave big files but really, 160 would be enuf to start with, and if u need mroe then just buy it, because of ur budget, u cant afford to overkill.

Mobo - if ugo for the AMD, a k8n platnum2 will do u well, for pentium, an asus p4p800 E, or a deluxe version will suit u well.

PSU - with a 6600gt, 400 will be enuf, 6800gt ur gona need about 450-480 if ur running harddrives, cd burners, dvd burners etc..

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CPU: the 3200+ is probbably the best CPU for its price. with a winchester core, pretty overclockable, and still really fast at stock speeds

the 6800 GT is a bloody good card, with what I have posted it should still be under the $1k mark, and a really good PC at that

RAM: 512MB x 2 OCZ PC4000 EL gold (get 2 of these)

DVD burner: LG 16x dual layer

DVD's were originally designed with 2 layers, one semi-transparent and one opaque layer. the laser can read one layer at a certain intensity, and the other at a different intensity. the idea is to be able to fit double the data you would get on a single layer disk
early DVD burners did not have a way to burn to dual layer disks, so all DVD burners until the recent ones came out were just burning single layer disks

sound card: just use the onboard

PSU: Antec 480W True Blue. you should need at least 450W for the 6800 and Athlon 64 3500

cooling: depends if you want to overclock.
for descent but not so extreme cooling, the Venus 12 for the 3500+ and either an NV silenver for the 6800, or just leave it with stock will be good

for overclocking, you'll possibly want watercooling or a good air cooler
the Thermalright XP-120 is probbably the best heatsink for air cooling, fits 120mm fans. and you'll want at least an NV silencer (is quieter and cooler than stock)
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Thanks for all the input guys. I read in another thread here that n4 chipset won't be made for AGP. Oh well, anybody have some suggestions as what to get instead?
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this doesnt help much, but i think that there is a lot of programing in computer science, i may be wrong....but i dunno but yeah....ermmm.....GO ANIMATION!!

oh and onboard sound=YUCK...can make it much better with they arent too expensive...anything besides onboard sound

i also hear that pci express is sexy!!!
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theres nothing wrong with Onboard sound lol, my board comes with built in 7.1 and it sounds great.. I spose its hard to say as ive never heard it from a sound card, but theres nothing wrong with onboard imo
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yeah..the AMD 64 3200+ would be suffiecient, I would go with ether Corsair XMS dual channel RAM (at least 1 GB) or Kingston HyperX (also 1gb or better)both of those are great for gaming...stick with the 6800GT video, onboard sound is cool (saves money)....minimum of 450W for the Asus Mobo (anyone that works with you AMD processor, cause Asus has a good reputation of quality products) my opinion, I wouldn't OC to the best of its ability...I would OC to about midrange of its potential.. since you are headed for college for computer science and programming, you should be aware of the risks involved with dont want to throw your dads money down the toilet, do you?
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Well, if you look at it another way, you can built a better system. Since your father is paying for it all. Why not spend some of your money too? This way you can be more pickey and have a better system. Spending 400$ of your money, would be enough. I suggest either that 3500 or a Prescott 3.4ghz Intel.

For you, i think the 3.4ghz Intel would work great for gaming and school work. Agian spend 400$ of your money can buy that processor and a creative labs 32bit sound card.
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I don't have any money of my own to spend. Between paying for my car insurance and car itself, I'm pretty broke.

How about this card?

I could then get an Asus PCI compliant card that has the n4 chipset, so I won't need a sound card.
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that card sucks

get a 6600 gt
amd 3200
512 of good ram
nforce 3 chipset

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