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Old 06-27-2006, 03:00 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe

Not familiar with my bios yet but I don't see how you overclock on this motherboard, however I've read reviews saying its really good at it. I was hoping someone with this motherboard could just walk me through it. Any other wisdom is welcome too.

And yes this is my first time doing this so I may be an idiot lol.

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You should read up on how to overclock before you try and kill something.


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wow. wow. wow. first you should learn how to read. 2nd, read the freaking instruction manual that came with the motherboard. Then you slap yourself in the face for being a noob. PS- i have the same mobo
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Take a breath....

Do read the manual and all the information on overclocking that you can find that is not redundant. Do not rush through this endevour. Ensure that you are FULLY informed on the consequences of overclocking and the proper procedures.

There are 2 easy ways to overclock the components.

First and foremost: Make sure that you have enough cooling (i.e. aftermarket coolers) and make NO major jumps in system settings; secondarily: test each change prior to making another change. This is a time cosuming process, but wise and prudent if you do not want to destroy or damage your hardware.

First: Install the bundled software that came with the MoBo. One utility is the AI Overclock. This is run from the desktop, not the BIOS and provides a few automatic settings, the highest being 10%, the lowest being 1%. These are safe and easy changes.

Second: You can use the BIOS to manually overclock (Advanced settings in the BIOS menu) but I can not stress enough that you must know what you are doing as the components of PC's today are symbiotic.

Download a few harware monitoring/testing utilities (CPU-Z, RivaTuner, 3DMark06... and the list is endless), use these tools to your advantage.

A final warning: As with gambling, do not invest more that you can afford to lose! and OC'ing is not a "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" experience.

I have had excellent results fom my overclocking experience with this MoBo.

Hope this helps....Remember: READ, KNOW and THINK..
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Check out this forum for enlightenment:
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For the record I have an opteron 146 so I sort of feel obligated to at least see what my baby can do. Once I'm done breaking it in I'll slowly start cranking it up and once I find her limit I'll subtract 400 MHz (only for gamming) The rest of the time stock speeds are plenty so I'll leave it there. I'm really only planning on setting it at 2.4 GHz in the long term.

Oh and one more question: right now I'm clocking 2.01, its supposed to be 2.0. I didn't do that, so is that normal, good, or bad?
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ok now I've figured out how to manuelly do it and yes I slapped myself (twice) I Read alot before doing anything too.

Now I'm wondering should I continue through the BIOS or is the overclocking utility a better choice? Like are they the same other than where they run or what?

Oh I'm really only looking to test my system now, see what each component can handle one at a time, nothing else til I get good.
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No, always use the BIOS when overclocking a CPU.
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The BIOS is your freind.

OC Apps on the desktop are a complete joke....Never use them.

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unless it's the graphics
then you use an app. and don't touch the speed in the bios

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