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Default Any CPU and Mobo suggests to OC?

Got my system upgraded on everything other than a mobo and CPU. Ive done OC on my old P3 couple years ago but its been a while and im a little rusty on the new stuff. Looking for some advice on a cpu/mobo that overall a good start. Im looking in the 350-400 combined range maybe higher depending. System as of now is 1.5 gig 3200, 6800gs factory OC, antec truepower2.0 500w, sata 150 80g, standard dvd/rw drive. Thanks, post you need anymore info form me.

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Do you have a PCI-E or AGP video card, im guessing PCI-E

AMD Athlon 64 3700+

DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D

If you're going to do serious ocing look into buying oc'ing ram.

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Cool thanks, you posted thw two things i was looking at earleir today haha. My card is a pci-e. Does OC ing ram have to be done or is it just something you can do in addition to OCing your processor? I was just kinda looking into something that would be a good solid board that is friendly for a less experienced person in this area. Last question is, what exactly is a LAN Paarty helpful for? Could I go for the slightly cheaper DFI board since im not going to SLI? THanks for your help
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I would say go for an Opteron 146 because they OC like crazy or the 3700 sandy is a good choice too. I also would recommend the Lanparty DFI nF4 Ultra-D since it is what I use and I love it. It has a ton of options that are really nice to have. It isn't all that hard setting it up, a lot of people scare you but really it isn't that bad and once you do learn a bit more it is nice to have hardware that can allow you to do things. That added to the fact that forum has TONS of info on exactly how to do anything you would want basically. I would say go for that MOBO cause it is worth a little extra cash.

When you OC by increasing your HTT it increases the speed for the entire system including the ram unless you set a memory divider. The stickies have great info on how to OC and what effects what.

I recommend the Opteron 146 because I hear lots of people getting 2.9 ghz with it while I got stuck at 2.7ghz with my sandy. However it is true that people get over 2.9 with 3700 sandy's too, it is just luck of the draw. I got scrooed

Good luck, enjoy building, enjoy ocing, enjoy your new rig in gaming

P.S. if you get the 3700 sandy and the DFI Ultra-D PM me if you have any questions cause I have those exact same 2 things and have some good experience with em now

EDIT: If you are much of a gamer at all I would recommend getting 2 gigs of some decent ram. I can't tell you how glad I am I upgraded to 2 gigs of decent stuff when I am playing BF2 compared to my 1 gig of ValueSelect stuff that I used to have.
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the ultra-d is a perfect choice in motherboard. as for the cpu i agree that the 3700+ san diego is a good choice for overclocking but i would reccomend an athlon x2 myself. probably nowhere near as good for overclocking as the 3700+ but still decent. the Manchester cores i believe overclock better than the toledo cores.
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