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Question amd x2 3800+ @ 60c

Hello, i recently got this 3800+ from a buddy, and i decided to see how high i could go on a cheap coolermaster copper hsf (its a large fan, probably a 20 dollar cooler). Anyway i didnt have any extra thermal compound, so i just put it together and started it up, it started up at 2.0ghz and the FIRST thing i noticed was i couldnt get my corsair xms ram to run at 400mhz dual channel, it was running at 333mhz for some reason. Anyway i decided to push the CPU, and i got it up to 2200mhz with 220mhz cpu/fsb. When i monitored my temps using the asus probe 2 software, it was idling at 38-39c (which is good i believe,) but when im running PS2 emulation (very CPU intensive), it jumps 20c up to 59c, it peaks at 60c but only for a few seconds. I was a little concerned about it, but i decided since i already have another 3800 laying around in a box in my closet, i'd push it to 2400mhz and see how it does.
well this is the weird part, the temp didnt change at all for the last 200mhz bump..

its still 38-39c idle, and 59c-60c max..

is this bad for a 400mhz overclock on air cooling?...

thanks for any information.

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Default Re: amd x2 3800+ @ 60c

thats not bad considering you have no thermal compound.. i myself had that same problem of no thermal paste on my e8500 not too long ago.. but me being dumb.. i still ripped it up and got #1 super pi here! lol.. but thats irrelevant

60c is not a temperature to worry about.... you're doing just fine... once you're peaking 70-80 on load is when you should worry

and btw, pm me which ps2 emulator you use (i dno't think its legal talk on the net )

last time i ran ps2 emulation on my q6600 and 8800gtx my computer was bogging out on katamari damaci (with actual game disc, not iso)

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Default Re: amd x2 3800+ @ 60c

Prime 95 pushed it to 63c =/

its at 2400mhz (400mhz over stock) on air cooling without thermal compound

i set the automatic emergency warning at 65c, and shut down at 67c to be safe. (AMD says its rated for up to 71c warning and 80c max emergency, but thats just to hot for my taste)
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Default Re: amd x2 3800+ @ 60c

Originally Posted by greenday77 View Post
It's ok, but you should get arctic 5 thermal compound
TX-2 is better and its cheaper

I wouldn't worry about the 60 degrees temps thogh
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Default Re: amd x2 3800+ @ 60c

on a hunch, i decided to flip the cpu cooler around the other way and move it around a bit, to make sure it was snug

but my temps remain the same.

after about 5 minutes of prime95 my temp is 63c according to Asus Probe 2 (the software that came with the mobo,)
its been holding at 63 for quite a while, and its very very slowly climbing, it just hit 64c(147f), and thats beginning to concern me

it seems to be stable at 64c, prime95 isnt reporting any errors or anything, and its fluctuating between 63 and 64c.
i keep my room cool (i hate it hot in here i cant sleep if its to warm,)

i have 1 case intake fan in front, 2 in the rear, 1 in the side glass panel thing,
and 2 in my power supply

so ventillation shouldnt be a problem, but i DO have 2 more brackets for 2 more front intake fans if i need it (lol it will sound like a frickin blowdryer, but im blasting music 24/7 so who cares right?.)

im using a coolermaster 90mm fan and a copper core heatsink with aluminum fins

im thinking of upgrading to the Arctic freezer 64 pro , it has 6 heatpipes and it looks like it might cool it a little better,
also i was going to get some arctic cooling mx-2 thermal compound for it,

hopefully i can get the max load temp down to around 55c with the upgrade
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Default Re: amd x2 3800+ @ 60c


I got rid of the coolermaster cooler i was using (with no thermal paste btw)

and replaced it with an arctic freezer 64 pro, with MX-2 thermal paste

the core temp program reported temps of 65-68c with the coolermaster

now it reports 45 on one core, and 53 on the other, i've been running for about 10 minutes
using prime95 for heat

that made a pretty big difference, but im kinda wondering why theres almost a 10c difference between the 2 cores..... maybe the thermal paste smudged??

oh well, its much better, and now i can push it another 400mhz=D yay..


With the coolermaster cooler i was able to bump this 3800+ (2.0ghz stock) to 2.4ghz stable, even though it spiked at around 68c.

with this new cooler i can only seem to get it to 2.55ghz stable, 2.6ghz gives me random bsods and such (i've tried lowering the Hyperthreading bus to 3x multiplier, and lowered the ram to 166 just to rule that out , but no avail). Its running at 1.35v core, and i believe thats my problem, it will run faster but only with a voltage bump!.. =P unfortunately my asus a8v-x doesnt seem to have a voltage setting=( *cry*... oh well, i got 550mhz over stock=/ i guess i can be happy with that.....

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