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Default Airflow

Hey guys,

Below is a basic sketch of how my computer uses airflow. Im at home right now and at school the rear of the case will right next to a wall. Essentially, you can see that he air is getting warmer (probably quite warmer) before it gets to the CPU. Even with a (basic) aftermarket cooler (Vantec) the CPU runs about 42C. This isint that bad for a Overclocked P4 (3.0 -> 3.4) but I will be at school soon and the dorm I'll be in doesnt have AC. So this poses a problem.

(its a 120 in the back, plus 2 80s on the front, an 80 on the side, adn an 80 on top, plus the PSU sucking out air)

First off, I am getting a conroe sometime next month (this has been a long tedious process) and I want to get an aftermarket HSF for that as well since I plan to OC it. What is the best way to utilize the airflow in the case. I can reverse the fans to point different directions. Also, I was thinking about building some peices to compartamentalize some of the areas, I just dont know where to seperate them. I have a proposed diagram here:

Problems are:
-Not much cool air coming to the rear fan
-PSU giving off heat (and having to open it to change fan direction)
-The blowhole probably wont pull cold air as well as it pushes hot air out
-Cool air would get sucked out by the PSU vents.
-Less incoming air (being heated by the HDs)

NOTE: next to the side fan, is a 17inch CRT monitor giving off heat.

Any recommendations? ( I dont want to cut anything in my case, b.c I dont have the tools)

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Well, until you get yourself into a nice airconditioned dorm/apt, slide the left door of the case off, stock a big 18" fan in it's place, and turn it to 'max'. Every couple months shut it down, blow the dust out, and you'll be good to go. It looks kinda stupid, but it works great.

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...and I thought that I was obssesive compulsive and attention to detail oriented....

Nice presentation.

Compartamentalizing can be a solution. The Antec P180 Has entire lower chamber designated for the PSU and a HDD cage. In addition there is a VGA Airbox that blows cool air down onto the GPU and RAM heatsinks.
In your case seperating the PSU from the rest of the case would negate the blowole (unless you made an air tunnel to bypass). Moving the optical drives down a little and installing an 80mm in the front would pull cool air into your top compartment for the PSU.

hmm... maybe to much of a "golem in the gears".

If you have the cash, take a look around at some of the other cases that follow this design idea. Take heed: I had to do some surgery on my PSU 4-pin ATX power line. 30 inches is about right for a clean installation.

It looks like you have a good foundation in thermodynamics, but remember that direct airflow through the case with the least amount of directional change and interference is optimal.

There are some PCI-slot "turbine" coolers and exhausts that you could try, though I have not found them to make much of a difference at all.

Since cutting is out of the question, you can't flip your PSU.
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Thanks, I used Adobe Illustrator (at 1am lol)

I was thinking about getting a PCI slot cooler, it might work out.

Ricght now Im working to upgrade, so I dont really want to buy a new case (i got this one about 1.5 years ago, next case is goigng to be a MUCH more through decision)

I cant move the optical drives down. UP, but not down. the empty bays are internal and thers one open below my floppy drive ( I forgot to include it :P)

If I was to get the tools, what do you mean by cutting and flipping my PSU? MOunting it on the bottom or something?

Stillwater - Im trying to REDUCE noise as well. I do like the idea tho (exept for randome crap getting blown in there)
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