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If you just blow the dust off... it just goes into tiny particles that still will accumulate through gravity settling overtime to become an annoying build up once again. - So when you do air clean your case... do it outside (Or in a well ventillated room) where the dust will be carried away. Turning the pc on its side with the heatsink hanging down vertically (need to have it on some chairs) and then use the compressed air. - This way all of that unsettled dust falls to the ground instead of backinto your pc case. - Air filters are ok... but they reduce airflow a bit. It really helps to have a clean roon too. So DO SOME HOUSEWORK! - yer right ;-)

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Man dust is really really bad I went it to my friends case to look at what I could do for him in terms of upgrading and could you believe that from this guy got is computer he has never opened it hence cleaning is out of the question. There was cob webs all over the place a couple dead roaches, among other insects and a lot of dust you have thought it was actually hard dirt at first glance, oh yeah a mud wasp had started to make it's nest in there also. It's took me 10 cans of compressed air in order to get it partially cleaned. I was mainly amazed at the fact that the computer didn't die on him. The only thing that happened was that it became really slow.
So a word of advice people pleas clean your computers.

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Dust does not slow your computer down unless it's SO clogged that the CPU gets SO hot that it starts to throttle itself down to prevent damage. This would require 65+ degree temps.
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Originally posted by OpticalIllusion
Dust does not slow your computer down unless it's SO clogged that the CPU gets SO hot that it starts to throttle itself down to prevent damage. This would require 65+ degree temps.
lol trust me!.. DUST does make your computer slow... and is not just CPU that affect but also video cards and other component on your system... its been test by me and G4 TV I mean come on.. is said by people who knows about computer you know.... well I think you should give it a try your self and see for your self ;-)
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Originally posted by CrazeD
...Did you blow it out with the computer still running?
no.. doing it out side your home so the dust does not stay in your room or your house.. and ofcourse is gonna be off... let us know how it goes when you clean it please :-)
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Combo you're just imagining these so called performance boosts. Illusion is right it wouldn't slow anything down unless the temps were dangerously high and the system took matters into its own hands... or pins .

And stop writing with 50 periods everywhere. It doesn't do anything except annoy everyone.

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Originally posted by plant
yeah dude i had 3 particles of dust in my cpu fan and my comp exploded
Sorry but lol !
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I doubt you'd see ANY performance increase from cleaning your computer out. The only thing I can possibly think of that would harm performance would be if your memory overheated, but usually dust doesn't accumulate that much on memory.

Trust us, Combo, you're not going to see any miraculous performance increase just from clearing the dust out of your computer.

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i dont buy the cans of air because i'm not gonna pay that much for a can of 1 time use air. so at target they had a 2 gallon air compressor for 20 bucks and i just got that. it goes up to 100 psi so its good enough. sure the air compressor is huge but it was cheap and i use it to dust out my computer and many other things.

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I got a air compressor onto my CPU heatsink at its 5C lower

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