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Default about how far can you OC a x2 3800+?

I have a x2 4200+ picked out, and im wondering if i could save money by going with a 3800 and OC'ing. If so 1) about how far could i get with stock cooling. 2) how easy is it to OC, i've never OC'd before.

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Get the 3800+ instead. The price of the 4200+ is not worth the extra .2 You can easily OC the 3800+ to 4200+ speeds or beyond. I hear most people get 2.5-2.8 range on the 3800+.



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ok, is it relatively easy for a first time OC'er?
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The processor really doesn't determine how easy/hard it is to OC...just a factor of how high you can take it.

The BIOS really is what makes it ...well not necessarily easy, but you can usually get a better OC from a BIOS with more options
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ok ill take a look at that
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i just found out about the new clockgen and i was very unhappy, i dunno if the ne version is bugy or somethin but my 3200 had no problem reaching 2.7 twice in a row, now i try with this new version and it shutdown at 2.25, i only increased it .03 at the most each time and waited for it to register the clock in aibooster.

i know oc'ing varys but that is a huge difference
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i like the bios set up MSI gives you

i've got mine up to 2.38 w/o adjusting the ram...
i just started fiddling w/the ram and have gotten it up to 2.42 and still have room (thanks reg da man!)

i think i need to read up more on CAS timings and hyperthreading before i go too much further...

there are alot of guys on here w/ their 3800+ over 2.5
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it is pretty easy to get the x2 3800+ up past 2.5 w/ very little adjustments.

right now i have mine set at 2.5 using a ram divider set at......166 i think? can't remeber, i'm on my laptop at school, and it has 2.5-3-3-5 timings.

as well...please check out this thread on a guide to overclocking
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well if you get a crappy stepping like me.. you won't get very far... the farthest i got with mine is only 2.6 ghz.. and it'll hardly do that now.... which sucks.. even with a ram divider and 1.6 voltage..... i've tried playing with timings.. i've done everything.. i just got a crap of the crop.. i'd go with the 4200 just because it should be able to oc just a bit higher
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im going with an e6300 now, heard they oc like beasts, and they compete really well with 4200's stock.

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