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PP Mguire 01-03-2005 02:37 PM

2600+ oc'able enough
This is to the Athlon XP users and up coming ppl who want the XP series of cpus. This is excelent evidence (myself included) that the 2600+ is an excelent oc'er even w/ LOCKED multiplyers!

Nubius 01-03-2005 05:39 PM

Yeah that's a given though. We know they are good overclockers, but you have to be able to lock the AGP/PCI bus. If you can do that then yeah you can OC it...but you just don't have enough flexability with it of course. Other than that for the most part people still know it as a good OC'er, you just have to have a board that allows AGP/PCI lock

PP Mguire 01-03-2005 09:22 PM

Most borads do that have oc features. Either that or you cna lock it your self.

Alex81388 01-03-2005 10:21 PM

Yeah right I wish...

PP Mguire 01-04-2005 05:22 PM

what do you wish?

Nubius 01-04-2005 05:42 PM


Most borads do that have oc features. Either that or you cna lock it your self.
What? I don't even understand what you are saying there.

Most NEWER boards like the 64bit boards have that feature, but a lot of the socket A boards DO NOT have an option to lock the AGP. You need a board specifically geared somewhat towards overclocking it and the only way you can 'lock it yourself' is if you have one of those boards.

That's why I couldn't OC with my MSI board because there was no AGP lock

comrad 01-04-2005 06:59 PM

I think Abit boards are really good over clocking boards

ak_smallz 01-04-2005 07:37 PM

certain ones are... talk to nubius lol, he made a mistake and picked the wrong abit board :p

Alex81388 01-04-2005 08:44 PM


Originally posted by Alex81388
Yeah right I wish...
I own a couple 2600's and on every board there is on lock.

Nor can I change the voltage.

Only been able to overclock fsb, and that is to 2.15ghz, with a temp of 37 idle.

Sevoma 01-04-2005 09:40 PM

Wow thats cool. Thanks for the info. Mabey I could do it on one I build for someone.

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