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Unhappy 165+A8N5X won't OC more then 2.2, etc

this is about my 5th rig, but i am NEW to overclocking. here is the rig
dual core opteron 165@2.18
psu:Thermaltake TR2 W0070 430W
A8N5X bios 502
2gb(1gbX2) ocz 2-3-2-5 @2.5-3-2-5
evga geforce 6800 gs OC +copper 490mhz; 1100mhz
hd: 80 seagate(boot) 40, 20 gb maxtor.

there was several mis. problems, generally it can't OC more then 2.18 so far if i do, it will just restart at the point before it goes to windows loading screen. frequncy won't go more then 244X9. temp isn't high, currently 244X9 idle 30c, 42 while high load. But i noticed the Ram was very hot, especially the one on the first chanel, it burns my finger when i touch it after playing a full screen game. that is 3d. now at 2.18 it can play fear maxed at 1024x768 but if i set freq to 246 the screen in fear will start to render wrongly or if not, after 10 min playing it'll go blue screen and restart itself(even tho no lag in the 10min) btw i've artic silver applied and it doesn't seem too diff from the original termal compound. there are dual core driver installed from here
not sure if that's the correct place.

here's the problem, excluding that it can't go more then 2.18(most people can get it to 2.5ghz or more on stock)and ram goes too hot sometimes while in game it nearly crash if the room temp gets bit high and clock it's freq higher then 242. when it start up, it said that the hard drive isn't connected with a 80 pin data cable, while i double checked, it does connects with 80 pin. switching them with cd-rom makes no diff. any help is appreciated
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first of all there is an overclocking section to this forum so in future if you could use that you will probably get better responses. my guess is that you need to increase the cpu voltage (a.k.a vcore) only increase it by the smallest amount possible, either that or your ram won't overclock any further so you should use a memory divider. also at evry overclock level you should be testing stability with a program like prime95.

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2gb(1gbX2) ocz 2-3-2-5 @2.5-3-2-5
I sure hope you are using a memory divider and aren't trying to run your memory up at 242MHz with your CPU at those timings and only a mere 2.6v

Don't even know what kind of mobo you have, what your RAM is set at currently, what divider you have, how much voltage you got going through the CPU.

Sounds like you really need to re-read up on OC'ing dude, and also learn to give us adequate info about your specs and such.
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here is the full spec
Mobo: ASUS A8N5X bios version 502(site
cpu:dual core opteron 165; cpu Freq [242.0] core valtage[1.325v] stock cooling with arctic silver5
power suply: Thermaltake TR2 W0070 430Wsite
Ram:OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB)( site ) with additional ocz ram sink applied (site
(tras)=5t;(tcl)=2.5;(trcd)=3t; (trp)=2t
case:ATRIX CSCI-A9001-C4 Black
80gb seagate HD(boot)+40gb+20gb HDs

bios info are marked down from bios, those are settings modified or possibly modified from default. any other setting that aren't mentioned here are in default.

p.s. at this setting, it is currently stable, play fear, at settings maxed at 1024X798 for about hour. cpu sill at around 60-70% 41C load but the memory is just a bit burning finger, i'm not sure if that is normal, but it is generally a quality ram. but, it's just weird that cpu won't over clock any more then this.
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dude run a divider on that ram or just loosen the timings a little bit or increase the vdimm or the vcore
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Yeah definitely read the stickies. I came to this site a complete newb and in about 2-3 weeks I've learned quite a bit.

I'm not bragging, my point is that there is a LOT of information for you if you are willing to read it.

I'm still a noob, I'd like to get my 3200+ venice to 2.6 but it won't POST past 2.4 and I'm already running a vcore of 1.525 which seems a bit high for only a 400mhz OC.

Still, I'm fairly satisfied with my OC and as a plus I'm able to run my RAM at 240 with stock timings at 2.9v. Scared to push it to 3. It has heatspreaders and the CPU fan blows across it and the modules never get too hot to the touch.

Not to steal the thread but is it save to put the ram to 3.0 or 3.1?
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after reading some tutorials, i think it's really the problem with the ratio between the cpu and the ram's clock that's cost the over heat of the ram, but how am i able to specify the speed of the ram, and how can i calculate it to be exactly or atleast roughly 200mhz for the ram wich is it's standard speed? from the ram configuration from the bios, i can only set it to neither 400, 333, or even lower, but is that really the right place i should go to set? if i set it to 333, what clock the cpu is set so that it's makes the ram to roughly 200mhz? as you can see with the screen shot
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Google up up A64MemFreq Calculator as it's a nice little program that lets you put it the HTT speed and RAM divider which in turn spits out your effective RAM speed.

Just from your screenshot alone I can already tell that your vcore is probably too low and is going to become too low, and your RAM is running too high without adaquent latency adjustments/vdimm
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::noob hazarding a guess::

i think if you set it to 333 (or 167), it'll just start to overclock from there.so if you clock your HTT 33mhz, then you'll have a mem speed of 200mhz and an HTT speed of 233... and then you can go higher and your ram goes higher... since yoru ram gets really hot try not to go past 225mhz or 230mhz for your ram. downclock it to 133 if your cpu is able to go further... (i warned you i'm a noob.. so don't rely on my info too much..)
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putting your memory divider at 333/166 whatever it's displayed as in your bios, will result in your memory being at 183MHz with your HTT set at 224. I used the A64MemFreq gaara was talking about to calculate that which is what you should do.

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