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  1. Do you or have you found Googles Youtube Addictive?
  2. Would you pay an additional $10 for Amazon Fire with Google play
  3. How seriously do you take DATA Security ..
  5. How would you describe Spud1200.
  6. Poll: What do you know about Computer Security.
  7. What would you like to see Micro$oft do in the next 24 Months.
  8. Favorite computer!
  9. Are you overweight?
  10. What size is your phone's screen?
  11. Have you ever contributed to a open source project?
  12. Are individial Transformers super heroes?
  13. Is there porn saved on your smartphone right now?
  14. Has the patent-infringement lawsuit changed your view of Samsung?
  15. Chick Fil A argument.
  16. Your thoughts on SOPA
  17. Public Service Poll (anti smoking ads suck?)
  18. ATI overtakes nVidia in discrete graphics marketshare
  19. Congrats to Asus
  20. BFG Tech going out of business?
  21. US in panic over Russia’s ICQ purchase
  22. ATI ships 11million DX11 chips
  23. 'Hurt Locker' Sharers: Expect Docs Like This
  24. Apple facing antitrust inquiry into music store practices
  25. China aims to be become supercomputer superpower
  26. AMD Closes In to Command Half of Discrete Graphics Processor Market
  27. Facebook confirms new privacy settings rollout
  28. Ninth Foxconn Worker of 2010 Commits Suicide
  29. Microsoft Takes Cues from Gmail with New Hotmail
  30. Sears "Borrowing" Newegg Images
  31. BFGTech Exits Graphics
  32. Google slip up again
  33. Intel Plans New Cooler for 'K' CPUs
  34. Blogger’s home raided in next-gen iPhone probe
  35. $100 Bill Gets 3-D Treatment
  36. Sony Combat Movie Piracy.... by stopping the sale of DVDs
  37. Can I post press release here ?
  38. Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely
  39. Scientists Successfully Embed Silicon Chips Inside Human Cells
  40. End of Support for Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista RTM
  41. Nvidia Launches Site for Intel-Nvidia Battle
  42. Police: Couple nurtured virtual child while real baby starved
  43. RealDVD permanently banned in US, Real pays Hollywood $4.5 million
  44. Proposed UK Bill Would ‘Outlaw Open Wi-Fi’
  45. happiness & marshmallows
  46. 2nd Gen Ferni
  47. TSMC: 40nm issues resolved
  48. Nine Year Old Systems Engineer
  49. Devices that Use 700MHz UHF Band to Become Obsolete
  50. Free Laptops and Broadband for the Poor
  51. do you prefer openGL or DirectX?
  52. Best Buy Optimization Is A Big Waste Of Money
  53. ink cost more than blood
  54. Microsoft Loses Word Patent Appeal
  55. China bans all personal webpages.
  56. Europe gets off Microsoft's back -- ends browser antitrust case
  57. FTC sues Intel... big surprise, not
  58. Over 800 Thousand of DirectX 11 Graphics Chips Shipped
  59. Best Buy to Offer Actual Deals on HDTVs… Finally
  60. Google and Microsoft sued for links to filesharing sites
  61. Win $40K by Finding 10 Weather Balloons
  62. TF Meet up
  63. UK's Terrifying Anti-Piracy Plans Leak
  64. Intel, AMD Settle Antitrust Disputes, Intel to Pay AMD $1.25 Billion
  65. Anti-Flag's 'The People or the Gun" out. [late thread]
  66. NSW Police: Don't use Windows for internet banking
  67. Apple causes legal distress over revamped Woolworths logo
  68. No third service pack for Windows Server 2003
  69. Usenet Provider Giganews Reaches 400 Days Of Data Retention
  70. 802.11n Standard Finally Approved
  71. online is not always cheaper (newegg)
  72. Obama Seeks Power to Shut Down the Internet
  73. Paypal Secretly Adding New Fees
  74. DO NOT go to CARS.GOV....
  75. Pirate Bay Sale Dead in the Water
  76. EU Issues charges to LCD Manufacturer in Global Price Fixing Crackdown
  77. Jury rules against Minn. woman in download case
  78. Virgin Media & Universal make a Deal :)!!
  79. Wal-Mart Has $128 Blu-Ray Players
  80. Using GPS to Avoid Speed Traps
  81. Today’s Feel-Old Moment: Napster Turns 10 This Week
  82. SnowTigers Semi-Private BT Tracker Shutdown
  83. MPAA Says Making "One Copy" of a DVD is Illegal
  84. AMD to ship its six-core Opteron server CPU
  85. Adobe gives Flash a programming boost
  86. Netflix comes to Windows Media Center
  87. Software piracy costs $50 billion a year, according to BSA
  88. Rate these drawings
  89. Yahoo to shut down GeoCities.
  90. Oracle Buys Sun
  91. Best Buy Announces 26" LCDTV Recall
  92. 65W Core 2 Quads
  93. Nine Inch Nails Releases BitTorrent Tracker
  94. Apple Hacked First again at PWN2OWN
  95. Apple Planning Network With Touch Screen
  96. Seagate demos SATA3, 6 Gbps file transfers
  97. ATI Radeon HD 4870 and Radeon HD 4850 Price Cuts This Week
  98. First NVIDIA ION-powered PC to launch before summer
  99. $10 Laptop
  100. System restore success poll
  101. Your Google Docs May Be Open to Hijacking
  102. Web browser flaw could put e-commerce security at risk
  103. AnyDVD claims it defeats protection on latest BD+ discs
  104. AMD to terminate 100 more than planned
  105. Kia Coming out with a New Car
  106. Windows Live Hotmail gets an update
  107. Microsoft job posting hints at Zune, Xbox, integration
  108. 'iTunes weTax,' says New York State
  109. Western Digital to Cut 2,500 Jobs, Halt Production
  110. Canada Increases ‘Music Industry Subsidy’ on Blank CDs
  111. Judge postpones hearing in key RIAA lawsuit
  112. Microsoft details the Windows 7 Taskbar
  113. AMD Phenom II hits 5GHz stable
  114. Trial n Myspace suicide to start.
  115. AVG Virus Scanner Accidentally Removes Critical Windows Component
  116. Microsoft Offering 25% Cash Back On eBay
  117. Complete List Of Closing Circuit City Stores
  118. Microsoft Azure Aims to Re-define the OS
  119. AMD sent HD 4830 samples to reviewers with missing shaders
  120. Bush signs PRO-IP Act into law
  121. AMD to make "significant corporate announcement" tomorrow, possibly breaking up
  122. AMD expects to release DirectX 11 GPUs in 2009
  123. Microsoft launches a contest to Perk up its search appeal
  124. Disbarred!
  125. Hackers fool Hadron Collider computers
  126. Microsoft Fires Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Whistleblower
  127. Hollywood Studios Team Up Against Apple
  128. Opera touts "Nvidia-optimized" mobile browser
  129. AMD Phenom FX CPU Expected in 2009
  130. ReiserFS creator gets 15-to-life for murder
  131. AMD’s First 45nm Desktop Microprocessors Set to Arrive on the 8th of January, 2009.
  132. Nvidia GPUs responsible for 42% of Folding@home output
  133. AMD selling its TV-chip unit to Broadcom for a cool $192.8 million in cash
  134. Intel's Core 2 Extreme Mobile Chips: A New Speed King
  135. Nvidia Plans to Add Another Graphics Card into GTX200 Lineup
  136. Core i7 Will Self Overclock
  137. IBM, AMD and partners first to 22nm
  138. AMD On Track To Report A Profit For Q3
  139. British gymnast is new Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
  140. Russian troops raid Georgian town; scores dead
  141. Critical DNS Vulnerability Larger than Initially Thought
  142. Spelling Truly Bad
  143. they are dead
  144. Firefox market share exceeds 20%, Internet Explorer dips below 70%
  145. ATI Catalyst 8.7 drivers are up!
  146. AMD's Hector Ruiz Jumps Sinking Ship
  147. [CNNMoney]Nvidia lowers sales guidance
  148. ATI Radeon 4800 forces Nvidia to make price cuts for GTX 260, 280
  149. Mozilla Sets New Guinness World Record with Firefox 3 Downloads
  150. SourcingMap Introduced Combo Ladybug reader - Crave.cnet.com
  151. AMD and Havok to Optimize Physics for Gaming
  152. Interesting Price for new Cards
  153. Intel lawsuit from AMD pushed to 2010, Intel Monopoly!
  154. How many people are planning on upgrading (to R700 or G200)?
  155. Intel bans Nvidia
  156. First Website you visit when you get your comp up and running?
  157. Clubit out of business
  158. man or women?
  159. My Assassins Creed Review
  160. AMD Phenom X3 8750 Reviewed at OCC
  161. WHat's up with Yahoo?
  162. EMC spends US$213 million acquiring Iomega
  163. spam pm...
  164. SPAM - So where are we now?
  165. THX says Blu-ray is dead.
  166. Google backs 'white space' wi-fi.
  167. Net Neutrality to Be Enforced by FCC?
  168. HD-DVD is Dead, Long Live Blu Ray
  169. Wal-Mart Moving Exclusively Toward Blu-ray Format Movies and Players
  170. SNAP new DWARF blue laser media
  171. Yahoo Rejects Microsoft, Wants More Money
  172. Nvidia snaps up PhysX with Ageia buy
  173. Microsoft offers to acquire Yahoo for $44.6 billion
  174. Firefox share up over 20% in Europe, mostly at expense of IE
  175. Tech-Forums Front Page
  176. Worst tech of 2007
  177. Nvidia, company of the year
  178. What else would you want from an energy drink? (school survey)
  179. Bioshock, game of the year
  180. Shake-up in BCS rankings
  181. Who will win: Patriots or Colts
  182. PC Dominoes Anyone?
  183. TV Links Shutdown!
  184. what country?
  185. Police: Mother Lets 7-Year-Old Steer Van Before Crashing Into Tree
  186. Microsoft Office heads to the Web
  187. My Dissertation Survey (AMD/Intel)
  188. Happy 30th Birthday Voyager.
  189. Scientists Discover Largest Known Planet Outside of Solar System
  190. Levitating Islands in Bermuda Triangle Observed by Spy Satellite
  191. The Mathematics of Timewave Zero
  192. Scientists Now Know: We're Not From Here!
  193. Microsoft in Talks to Buy Yahoo For $50 Billion USD
  194. Mouse brain simulated on computer
  195. AMD loses half a billion dollars in first quarter
  196. Yahoo! Mail announces unlimited email storage
  197. Semi-identical twins discovered
  198. Laptops set to out sell desktops
  199. A toilet question... Hee Hee Hee
  200. Wikipedia Search Engine to Challenge Google and Yahoo
  201. poll
  202. Wake Up to the 'Daylight-Saving' Bug
  203. No sleep means no new brain cells !
  204. Apple: None of our products are Vista-compatible
  205. Apple: Vista May Corrupt iPods
  206. Dell sued over 'defective' laptops
  207. which laptop would you buy?
  208. ipod nano 2nd gen vs Sansa Mp3
  209. Which nex gen system is the best?
  210. Zune sales are low
  211. U.S. Copyright office issues new rights
  212. Internet is 99 percent porn free
  213. Neanderthal DNA secrets unlocked
  214. shuttles vs towers
  215. Apple ships iPods carrying virus
  216. MS pulls the plug on MS Windows XP SP1a Support
  217. which looks best
  218. Take the Intel® Core™ Processor Challenge!
  219. Microsoft plans free Vista upgrades
  220. HP to buy Mercury Interactive
  221. AMD / ATi Merger
  222. Microsoft to have iPod rival out by Christmas
  223. MS OWNED AGAIN! Microsoft's WGA sued as spyware
  224. I.T. Wars: Managing the Business-Technology Weave in the New Millennium
  225. [AUST] Do Not Call Register legislation introduced
  226. Seagate Acquires Maxtor
  227. Corporates blamed for high software piracy rate
  228. Death knell for notebook margins
  229. The Net Is Running Out
  230. Don't expect Windows Vista until Q2, 2007
  231. AMD recalls 3,000 Opterons
  232. HP recalls 15,700 notebook computer batteries
  233. BenQ no longer part of Acer
  234. Ipod
  235. How much would you pay ???
  236. Dell + Alienware
  237. Instant Messenger
  238. the price of your computer
  239. dell poll!
  240. What would be my best cpu?
  241. vista
  242. ATi's Rodin Rodeo (or saddle-up and grab yourself some RADEON X1900 benchmarks!)
  243. Future SIM cards
  244. Netgear admits wireless speed claims are misleading
  245. Is Paul Thurrott Biased?
  246. ZyXel ZyAir AG-225H Wi-Fi sniffer
  247. Manitoba Gets Hit Hard
  248. Nvidia or ATI
  249. Which service do you perfer?
  250. anyone know when is google birthday ???