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  1. comparing two csv files mainly two columns containing time
  2. How to create a database for the contents of folder containing 11000 mp3 files.
  3. Use laptop as second screen?
  4. GeForce experience
  5. optimize CPU allocations for speed and performance - makeuseof.com
  6. need help with some pics
  7. All in One Repair Tool
  8. Export More Fields From Outlook
  9. HDD Navigation Update
  10. JFRemover - clean junk files (like CCleaner) - howtogeek.com
  11. Clover 2: Another Multitab Explorer Program
  12. Toggle Windows 7 God Mode Easily With This App
  13. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  14. Mirekusoft Install Monitor
  15. Router Commander 1.2.50
  16. 8 tips to make your Windows 8 upgrade a more pleasant experience
  17. COMODO System Utilities 4.0
  18. KLS Mail Backup
  19. Tab Explorer
  20. Useful Command Line Tricks - howtogeek.com
  21. Load ZIP, RAR, or 7z File as a Local Drive ($30)
  22. Install Multiple Popular Programs With One Installer - ninite.com
  23. Create Synchronicity 6.0
  24. Hybrid 2012.5.3.1
  25. TeraCopy Portable
  26. UNetbootin
  27. Cloudfogger
  28. How to help prevent password cracking in Win7 - 4sysops.com
  29. encripted works file locked.
  30. Alternative Shells for WIn7?
  31. Reorder Buttons on Taskbar
  32. Hands Down The Best Boot CD I've Seen
  33. Display images correctly in Windows Photo Viewer
  34. Compare all files in separate directories
  35. 77 Windows 7 Features for IT Pros - globalknowledge.com
  36. Windows Movie Maker Effects How To-Custom Install
  37. Jumplist Extender Lets You Customize Jumplist Entries in Windows 7’s Taskbar
  38. Speed Up Startup for 7/Vista - msfn.com
  39. {how to] Enable Multiple CPU Cores On Startup - lockergnome.com
  40. shift, send to, Win7 - techrepublic.com
  41. 5 Stupid Tricks of Windows 7 you don’t use often - blogsolute.com
  42. iTALC - OpenSource classroom management - sourceforge.net
  43. preboot defrag w UltraDefrag (open source)
  44. Software downloads: Most popular of 2010 - techrepublic.com
  45. Making Bootable CD in Windows 7
  46. Microsoft Security Essentials 2 available for download, now an even better free antiv
  47. Dropbox Hits Version 1.0, Leaves Its Beta Days Behind
  48. Map an FTP Site to a Drive Letter
  49. Google Chrome 8 goes stable -- brings App support, PDF viewer, expanded sync options
  50. Malwarebytes 1.5 detects and cleans more malware faster than ever
  51. SystemMonitor Helps Find Bottlenecks on Your PC
  52. AniWeather, Display Weather Conditions In Firefox
  53. Tapin Radio, Simple Internet Radio Player And Recorder
  54. Process Lasso 4 Download Available
  55. Catalog Media With Azzul
  56. Giveaway of the Day - Quick Image Resizer
  57. Permanently Delete Files In Windows Explorer With RightDelete
  58. Quick Launch Control Panel Items From The Windows 7 Taskbar
  59. Google Chrome Popup Blocker
  60. Print Images On Multiple Pages With Image Print Wizard
  61. History Deleter, Firefox History Auto Deletion rules
  62. Firefox 4, How To Undo The Changes
  63. Rehost Image, Backup Web Pictures In Firefox
  64. Microsoft Releases Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Blocker Tool
  65. DVD Ripping Software VidCoder
  66. How To Change Drive Icons In Windows
  67. Speed Up Your Website By Optimizing Images
  68. Bookmark Sentry For Chrome, Check For Dead And Duplicate Bookmarks
  69. MirrorCreator, Upload Local Or Remote Files To Multiple File Hosters
  70. Web Browsers Traces Eraser
  71. MouseControl, Do More With The Mouse In Firefox
  72. Google Chrome Auto Refresher
  73. Vista To Windows 7 Upgrade Downgrades IE9 To IE8
  74. Use byobu for extended features in your terminal window
  75. Seatguru, Find The Best Airplane Seats Ahead Of Time
  76. Process Explorer 14 Released
  77. Easy Photo Uploader For Facebook
  78. CoLT, Copy Link Text And URL In Firefox, Beats Copy Fixer By A Mile
  79. Shotty, Smart Screenshot Software With Extras
  80. Convert Partial RSS Feeds Into Full-Text Feeds
  81. Automatically save my Conversation History In Windows Live Messenger
  82. AniWeather, Display Weather Conditions In Firefox
  83. Giveaway of the Day - Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 5.0.1
  84. Resize Windows Desktop Icons with Your Scroll Wheel
  85. FREE TODAY: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
  86. CCleaner Releases Version 3.0, Adds Secure Drive Wiping and Other Improvements
  87. Defraggler 2.0 Beta Offers Boot-Time Defragmenting
  88. Favigen, Favicon Generator
  89. Docs Gets Improvements, Pushes Silverlight
  90. Scrollbar Anywhere, Scroll Pages With The Mouse In Chrome
  91. Comical, Web Comic Reader, Downloader
  92. Keyboard Leds, Caps, Num And Scroll Lock Indicators For The Desktop
  93. Search Faster With Highlight To Search For Chrome
  94. Split Large Text Files
  95. Square Privacy Cleaner, Clean Privacy Related Data In Windows
  96. Launch Later, Delay Autostart Applications
  97. Neat Bookmarks For Chrome, Search And Access Bookmarks Faster
  98. Internet Explorer Application Compatibility Virtual PC Images
  99. SEO Doctor, Free Firefox SEO Audit Add-on
  100. Create Wanted Posters With Poster Forge
  101. Edit, Resize Photos With BImageStudio
  102. Bookmarklet To Download Youtube Videos, And More
  103. How To Download Camtasia Videos
  104. How To Change Google Chrome’s Cache Location And Size
  105. Hotfix For Poor Printing Performance In Windows 7
  106. Giveaway of the Day - Aiseesoft MP4 Converter Suite
  107. Play Youtube Videos Right In Google, Bing And Yahoo
  108. Media Spider, Download Images From Google, DeviantArt and 4Chan
  109. Fix Pinned Items Opening As New Icons In Windows 7 Taskbar
  110. FB-Secure, Configure Facebook Application Rights During App Installation
  111. How To Add Greasemonkey To Firefox 4
  112. Test Your Monitor For Stuck Or Dead Pixels With Injured Pixels
  113. CinemaDrape, Focus On One Window At A Time
  114. Chrome Update Notifier, Receive Notifications Of Google Browser Updates
  115. Winstallinator, Install Windows 7 OEM Without Bloatware
  116. Firefox 4, Display Link Destinations In The Add-On Bar
  117. Create a slide-show screen saver with the help of F-spot
  118. Turn Web Pages Into PDF Documents
  119. Simures, Display Websites In Different Resolutions
  120. Giveaway of the Day - TrafficWasher
  121. 50+ Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Hotmail
  122. Restore Music And Videos From Apple Devices To iTunes
  123. Youtube Subscription Monitor For Google Chrome
  124. Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out – Exclusive Free Chapter
  125. Gmail Security Checklist, Improve Login Security
  126. BookStack, Effective Read It Later Firefox Add-On
  127. Microsoft Expression Encoder, HD Screen Capturing Tool
  128. 5 Windows Tips To Speed up Your Workflow
  129. Facebook Translate Extension For Firefox
  130. Install With, Installs All UserScripts With Auto Updating Functionality
  131. Grooveshark.com Music Downloader
  132. How To Uninstall Add-ons In Firefox 4
  133. Video Viewer, Watch Linked Youtube Videos Directly
  134. Giveaway of the Day - LeaderTask Personal Organizer 6.9.6
  135. Simple Timer, Clock, Timer And Calendar For Firefox
  136. RT Windows 7 Registry Tweaker
  137. Bookmarks Backup, Web Browser Backup Tool
  138. Enhance Firefox’s Unable To Connect Error Page
  139. Protect Firefox From Automatic Homepage And Search Provider Changes
  140. Adobe Reader 9.4 Download Available
  141. Desktop Tray Launcher, Open Desktop Shortcuts From The Windows System Tray
  142. Giveaway of the Day - Mosaico
  143. Display Full Images With Hover Zoom For Chrome
  144. Thunderbird Mute Thread, Ignore Email Discussions
  145. FotoMix, Manipulate, Mix Photos Easily
  146. Synchronize Firefox Add-Ons With Siphon
  147. Google Chrome Flash Control
  148. How To Copy Multiple Links At Once
  149. Google Instant Search Keyboard Shortcuts
  150. Firefox URL Keyword Completer
  151. How To Update Last Year’s Security Software To This Year’s
  152. Windows Live Essentials 2011 Released, Offline Installer Download
  153. ShellWin, Hide The Windows 7 Taskbar
  154. Facebook Videos Not Working, How To Fix
  155. Monitor File Access With Moo0 FileMonitor
  156. Mz 7 Optimizer Windows 7 Tweaker
  157. Texter, Fast Wordpad Replacement
  158. Remove Kaspersky Anti-Banner And URL Advisor From Firefox
  159. How To Remove Plugins From Firefox
  160. Internet Explorer 9 Tweaker
  161. Display Programs That Open Connections With Moo0 ConnectionWatcher
  162. Internet Explorer 9 Tabbed Browsing Settings
  163. Password Protect Applications With AppAdmin
  164. Find Out Which Sites Users Have Accessed In Private Browsing Modes
  165. Add brushes to The GIMP
  166. Record Multiple Internet Radio Stations With streamWriter
  167. iQ-Notes, Sticky Notes For Windows
  168. Google Docs Viewer, View Documents Online
  169. Open Firefox Download Folder
  170. DeskIntegrator, Add Program Links To Windows Right-Click Menu
  171. Moo0 DiskCleaner, CCleaner Alternative
  172. Simple Timer, Clock, Timer And Calendar For Firefox
  173. Giveaway of the Day - Aplus DVD Ripper and Video Converter
  174. Display Full Images With Hover Zoom For Chrome
  175. FotoMix, Manipulate, Mix Photos Easily
  176. Synchronize Firefox Add-Ons With Siphon
  177. Xmarks Sync Shuts Down, OpenOffice Revolt
  178. Google Chrome Flash Control
  179. How To Copy Multiple Links At Once
  180. Giveaway of the Day - Paragon Backup and Recovery 10
  181. Save Comments, Web Text Automatically With Firefox Textarea Cache
  182. Advanced BAT To EXE Converter
  183. Configure Hotmail’s New Security Features
  184. Create Automatic Page Summaries With WikiSeer Keynotes
  185. Giveaway of the Day - Returnil System Safe 2011 Pro
  186. QuickDrag, Speed Up Firefox Actions With Drag And Drop
  187. Outlook Blocked Attachment Unlocker
  188. Duplicate File Hard Linker
  189. How To Check Delicious Bookmarks For Broken Links
  190. Radeon Pro, Create Profiles For PC Games
  191. Queue music into Rhythmbox from Nautilus
  192. Recover Or Change Thunderbird Passwords
  193. Increase Your Typing Speed With Typing Games And Tests
  194. Change File Types With Types For Windows
  195. Moo0 TransparentMenu, Colorful and Transparent Menus In Windows
  196. Giveaway of the Day - Odin Blu-ray to HD Ripper 4.0
  197. Duplicate Commander, Find And Delete Duplicate Files
  198. Merge, split, and watermark your PDFs with PDF Chain
  199. Giveaway of the Day - Digital Diary
  200. Add Extra Window Handling Features to Windows Explorer
  201. Manage, Share, Edit And Publish Photos With Element Photo Gallery
  202. Organize The Windows Start Menu
  203. How To Create Custom RSS Feeds
  204. Mulve, Windows Music Downloader
  205. Giveaway of the Day - AV Webcam Morpher Pro
  206. NTFSWalker, Explore And Recover Data On NTFS Partitions
  207. Add Extra Window Handling Features to Windows Explorer
  208. Giveaway of the Day - AllWebMenus
  209. Firefox BarTab, Load Tabs On Demand
  210. Display Internet Explorer 9 Menu Bar Always, And On Top
  211. Free Music Player Overview
  212. Giveaway of the Day - PPT2Video Pro
  213. Two Windows 7 Speed Up Tips
  214. ReclaiMe Free Raid Data Recovery
  215. Display Link Targets In Firefox With Hidden Status Bar
  216. Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner
  217. Pixlr Grabber, Firefox Screenshot Taking Add-On
  218. See what images are being viewed on your network with driftnet
  219. Display Internet Explorer 9 Menu Bar Always, And On Top
  220. Firefox BarTab, Load Tabs On Demand
  221. Giveaway of the Day - DTweak
  222. Screen Markers, Add Marker Lines On The Screen
  223. Troubleshoot Internet Explorer With SF IE Restorator
  224. How To Speed Up Thunderbird By Archiving Emails
  225. Giveaway of the Day - Aiseesoft Streaming Video Recorder
  226. How To Uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 9
  227. Track satellites with Gpredict
  228. Giveaway of the Day - Drive Copy 10 Personal Special Edition (English Version)
  229. Daniusoft DVD to MP4 Converter
  230. Grindstone
  231. Virtual Router
  232. HashTab 3.0
  233. CCEnhancer
  234. Cameyo
  235. CleanHaven
  236. How To Configure A New Hard Drive In Windows 7A friend of mine just called me the oth
  237. Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox 2 Released
  238. Dial Up Internet Connection Keeper
  239. Giveaway of the Day - wGXe Photo Recovery
  240. How to Import (Restore) All Tasks
  241. Remove Product Key of Microsoft Office
  242. Verify That TRIM Is Enabled In Windows 7
  243. View websites offline with WebHTTrack
  244. Giveaway of the Day - Prayaya V3
  245. Print Edit, Edit Pages Before Printing In Firefox
  246. Scan For Codec Problems With Codec Toolbox
  247. MPlayer WW, Lightweight MPlayer Frontend
  248. GPEX, Graphical Passwords For Firefox
  249. Digital Watermarking With Watermark Magick
  250. Giveaway of the Day - Clip Extractor Pro