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Angry Stupid Hard Drive

I have 2 HD's in my computer, an 80GB and a 160GB (with only 127 usuable), they are both seagates and good as far as i can tell.

The problem is that one of my HD's will restart itself while the computer is on, I can hear it click and then spin back up, and then my computer freezes, the weird thing is that if i'm using the computer (such as gaming or even WMP running) its fine, but i leave it sit for about half and hour it will go into a HD clicking maddness state. I have come to a conclusion that it is my slave drive that i pulled out of my dads old computer. Another thing i noticed is that if i have my side panel off and pull the HD's out and set them on my desk and kick the computer on, its fine, but once i put them back in my case the thing goes nuts.

I also have a thought that it may be my power supply, as the plugs dont seem well made, and the wires are allowed to move in them. I really hope one of them is not going bad at this point, because i have about 20GB's worth of games music and software on my slave drive and it would take up to much of my primary.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS- just if anyone asks here is what i have plugged into the PSU

- 2 Optics (CD-RW and CD)
- 2 HD's
- 3 fans (2 80mm and 120mm)
- XFX 6600GT 128

And regarding the CPU and Motherboard

- Opteron 144 @ 2025MHz
- GA-K8U-939 Motherboard

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