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k answering your questions here. any new processor has enough speds for vista, the only problem is that , currently, vista is a ram hog and no matter how much you give it it will eat it up.

7950 GX2 is 2 graphics cards. but you dont want that. you hsould just get a 7900GT, and then wait for nvidias 8800GT/X and ATIs R600

u dont want sli, especially with your budget its a huge waste of money in general anywayz. you do NOT need a 3.0Ghz or more processor. people often think that raw speed is what increases your performance, but those arent the only factors affecting your performance.

if your gonna be playing UT 07 (like me) you will need 2GB ram. and you will want to get a conroe. the Intel Core 2 Duo E6600. there are other models. the ones below the E6600 have half the L2 Cache, which is bad. and the ones above the E6600 are just clocked higher, which means they were factory overclocked, and you'd just be wasting your money buying those, just get hte E6600, and read bout Overclocking and do it yourself.

if you want a kickin gaming laptop, you'll need more than $2000, and thats just the laptop alone, so i'd strongly go against buying a laptop for gaming. and making a custom laptop would not only be costly, but you cant do it, lol. thats why almost EVERYONE, except for like professional technicians (and even them), doesnt make a custom laptop.
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