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Default Re: "Bacterial DVD Holds 50TB"

Originally posted by Jumping_Bean514

Would be very cool if they got it to work.
Many potentially insurmountable problems: Data surfaces need to be extraordinarily stable: not bacteria but bacteria proteins. Coding for bianry wuld be bruned accross like protein strands>

1) No two protein strands are exactly alike
2) Temperature of the drive would have to be strickly controlled as any changes cause protein length and configuration changes.
3) Media would have to be stored in total dark as protein is light sensitive.
4) Media would have to be coated in such a way that all potential changes in Ph would be eliminated. So a non-pourus electrostatically neutral metal surface wuold have to be used: Gold or Platinum.

Not gonna happen...............I have a friend (MIT electrical engineer working in Silicon Valley) who is working on developing laser read Hard drives with a single Platten made of either gold or platiunum. They are called "atomic hard drives". The lattice wotrk of platinum and gold (pure) are very stable and the data would be encoded as bianary in this waY: Zeros are read as spaces between atoms and 1's as individual atomic surfaces. This system requires no moving parts but the technology to encase the drive and produce a stable temperatures and circuit boards fast enough to read the potential data enclosure are decades away, he says. Storage capacity would be 10 to the 100 millionth tera bits per cubic micron....that is a number that is so big that all the zero's cannot be read in a book the size of the libray of congress!! So a virtual infinite storage enclosure.....beam me up Scotty!!!!!!!!

This is more the reality for current atomic drives, however:
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