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Wow, I think you get the most misinformed post of the day award. Congrats.

-mouse lacks the design, your hand hurts after 30 mins of using it
Not true. Apple Pro Mouse has quite a nice design, and my hand has never hurt after using one.
-no right click which really bugs me
Uhh...MIGHTY MOUSE!! Also, any two-button USB mouse works with OS X 10.3 and up, and BOTH buttons have full functionality.
-crappy OS with slow running programs unless they come with the OS (because anything else is not compatible) like opening large images in CS
Crappy? The Mach kernel may be a mess, but at least it's stable, and doesn't have an internet browser integrated into it. It also doesn't get weighted down easily. If someone would take the time to clean it up or change to the Linux kernel, it would smoke Windows.
EDIT: Let me rephrase this, because I really screwed this section up. The Mach kernel IS more stable and neater than the NT kernel, but not as fast as the Linux kernel, because it's larger and neater. So, while Mac OS X is superior to Windows, all I'm saying is that if someone took the time to port OS X to the Linux kernel (which I hear may happen...), it would smoke Windows rather than just beat it.
-And ... even Cnet said that the battery life is around 2-3 hours, so compare that with the centrino
My dad's Centrino (Pentium M, actually, there is no Centrino processor) runs for about 2.5 hours on battery before dying. Compare that to the Apple time of 2-3 hours.
- many reviews day that the power supply runs out after a year or so because is not "built well" (but the laptop has a nice design) it's like having a pimpin cadillac with geo metro engine
As a Geo owner and Mac owner, I find this MORE annoying than most Apple fans. I have owned several Macs, all of which are still chuggin' along after six or more years, a few running near 24/7. Plus, there's nothing wrong with a Geo's engine; it's just small, not unreliable, and fits the size of the car quite well.
If macs are so GREAT, why do 95% of the people, institutions, businesses, schools, and home users use PC? good question... **cough cough ** maybe they are better than Macs overall.
Because Dell is cheap, has an incredible marketing strategy, and people don't know any better (save most of the people here, who build because it's a better way; even I'll admit that.)

So next time, please either cite your sources, make informed statements, or keep quiet.

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