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Default Help building a gaming computer

Hey, I'm new to the forum, and believe it or not I need help building a gaming computer. First just wanted to thank everyone who contributes here, because there's so much information, and I've been reading through some of the guides etc. for a while and they are extremely helpful. My problem is, I'm hardware illiterate, so I'd like some suggestions on what to get. I'm looking at a budget anywhere from $1000 to $1500, but as low as possible obviously.

I'm building a gaming pc and I'm wanting to use my 32' widescreen HDTV, and that's a question in itself, will there be problems with a setup like that? That's also why I'm having trouble finding the right video card, because I'm not sure which cards are widescreen and HDTV compatible. Most of the cards have S-video outs it appears, and I'm not sure if S-video is Hi-Def capable. So, whether or not my tv will work is question number one, two is what video card to get if the tv will work.

I am not sure about this at all, need opinions.

Not sure, I want an AMD I know but, from what I can tell there's no way I can get a dual core on my budget, I'm kind of lost on this whole category though.

Need help, I had chosen a 1024mb pc 5400 OCZ stick but it's the wrong number of pins and I read on a guide here that it's better to get two 512's. Namebrand seems to be somewhat important with memory so who should I look for? Also, should I go for 2 gig of memory or is that overkill?


DVD Burner:
Found it once I thought, but couldn't again. I think it was a dual layer burner with lightscribe for under $50.00.

Power Supply:
Again, uncertain about this.


I have a 360 so I'm thinking Media Center but does Microsoft offer a 64 bit OS? I'm not sure but I'm thinking XP is 32 bit? I've been told that 64 bit is much better. Might be way off here, dont know?

Do I need one to connect to my 5:1 Sony home theatre system? The motherboard says "8 channel onboard".

Any other recommendations would be a huge help. Is there a list around here about the other smaller usually unmentioned things needed for a build? Like isn't there some kind of gel to put between the processor and heatsink? And do I need memory coolers? Last, how many fans should I add to the case?

I realize there's a huge amount of questions here and I'm sorry but like I said I'm nearly illiterate so any help would be great. I've been researching all afternoon, so I'm not coming at you without trying to figure anything out, but much of this is stuff I just don't completely understand and could use help with. Thanks a WHOLE LOT guys.

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